(Clearwisdom.net May 17, 2003) On the occasion of celebrating the 11th anniversary of Falun Dafa's introduction to the public around the world, Falun Gong Research Society at National Kaohsiung University held a five-day Falun Dafa Week activity from May 12 to May 16, 2003.

It has been three years since the founding of Falun Gong Research Society. The usual activities on campus were only Fa-study and experience sharing, and also making phone calls to clarify the truth to Chinese people in China. This time, the practitioners held a series of activities to celebrate the 11th wide spreading of Falun Dafa. The activities included a photo exhibit of Fa-spreading and truth clarification, exhibit of Dafa books, truth-clarifying films, cultivation experience sharing, exercise demonstration, drama, and chorus.

During the celebration, many teachers and students on campus came to inquire about Falun Dafa cultivation and the facts of the persecution. People from outside the university also came to visit. One lady who came from China to Taiwan to live watched the VCD featuring the facts of persecution and photo exhibit. She wanted to get truth-clarifying materials and read them carefully after returning home. This is exactly the purpose of holding this activity. Skits and dramas were also performed during five consecutive days and won appreciation of many passersby.

Fellow practitioners in the Kaohsiung area gave us timely help, displaying that Dafa practitioners are one body. In every activity, practitioners could find where they fell short and needed to strive more diligently so that we would be worthy of Master's compassionate salvation.