One's Thought Toward Dafa Determines One's Fate

Once there was a new practitioner, his brother, and his brother's classmate traveling in a car and talking about the persecution of Dafa. The classmate, who was driving, said some words against Dafa because he had been influenced by the vicious and fabricated propaganda. The Dafa practitioner patiently told him the facts, and the practitioner's brother supported the truth clarification with his own understanding. However, the classmate was poisoned severely and still showed disrespect to Dafa. Suddenly the car lost control and it rolled over. Everyone was rescued after some time.

The car was totaled, and the classmate who insisted on his opinions against Dafa was injured and stayed in the hospital for nearly six months. The brother had a small scratch on his arm, but the practitioner did not suffer any injury at all.

Good Fortune for One Who Stood up for Dafa

A Dafa practitioner was forced to become destitute to avoid illegal arrest, but under the persecution's pressure, the practitioner's family did not understand him.

The practitioner's brother-in-law was accepted by a school in the U.S., but was refused a visa three times. Eventually as more time passed, and school was scheduled to begin, all the family and friends felt hopeless.

One day, the practitioner was illegally arrested, and his wife and her brother came to visit him in the police station. Upon seeing the unfair treatment of Dafa practitioners, the brother argued with the policeman and asked for the beating and cursing against the practitioner to stop. The practitioner told his wife quietly: her brother will get the visa now. It was exactly as the practitioner predicted: when his brother-in-law went to the consulate again, he got the visa without any problems.

The heavens will bestow happiness and good fortune upon those who have good thoughts toward Dafa.