In the long river of history, human life is as short-lived as a jet of spray. In the vastness of the universe, human capability is as negligible as a speck of dust. So many wise men have been searching for the true meaning of life and the genuine origin of the universe in order to obtain eternal happiness. However, after ages of reincarnation, after all the hardships in seeking, they still cannot find the answers. They are still wondering when the genuine Teacher will come into being...

The Spread of Falun Dafa

We found it! The day the First Falun Dafa Seminar was held in Changchun City, Teacher Li clearly pointed out that a person had to cultivate his heart and value Virtue following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance before his cultivation energy could improve. Thus, people who enjoyed Qigong finally found in the maze of the human world the ladder that enabled them to reach higher levels and ascend to heaven.

It was May 13th, 1992, when Teacher first introduced Falun Dafa to the world. The sacred predestined relationships formed throughout the ages brought us to Teacher, and the power of Dafa enabled us to hoist our sails and head home.

  • From May 1992 to December 1994, invited by the Qigong Science & Research Institutes in different areas in China, Teacher held 54 seminars across the country with a total attendance of several hundred thousand people.
  • In January 1995, Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa, was officially published by the Chinese Radio & Television Broadcasting Press. On January 4, 1995, the introductory ceremony for Zhuan Falun was held at the auditorium of the Ministry of Public Security. During the ceremony, Master Li announced there would be no further formal Falun Gong seminars inside China. Since the publishing of Zhuan Falun, the demand for the book always exceeded the supply. In January 1996, Zhuan Falun was listed in the Beijing Youth Daily as one of the top ten best sellers.
  • In March and May of 1995, Teacher was invited to teach Falun Dafa in France and Sweden, which marked the beginning of the spread of Falun Dafa outside China. Since then, people from all over the world have a greater admiration for the grand wisdom and ancient civilization of China. At the same time, the spread of Falun Dafa outside China creates a greater international reputation for China.
  • During the seven years between May 1992 and July 1999, Falun Dafa was introduced person to person to every part of China and to nearly 30 countries in the world, attracting over 100 million people to take up the practice. Today, eleven years after its public introduction and nearly four years after the brutal persecution against it began in China, Falun Dafa has drawn unprecedented attention across the world, now with practitioners in over 60 countries.

During the precious yet short period of cultivation practice during the peaceful time before the persecution, thanks to Teacher's compassionate salvation and the power of Dafa, we gradually changed from people full of karma to Falun Dafa practitioners who stepped forward bravely and nobly amid tribulations, steadfastly validating and safeguarding Dafa.

Systematic Genocide Movement Based on Lies

Out of fanatical jealousy and lust for personal power, Jiang Zemin made up excuses and secretly began a movement to "root out" Falun Gong.

  • On July 21, 1998, Division One of Ministry of Public Security issued an order that is against the laws of China, "Convict before investigation" [1998] and notice #555, "Notice on Investigation of Falun Gong."
  • On June 10, 1999, the "Central 610 Office" was founded to specialize in planning and executing large-scale persecution against Falun Gong.
  • On July 20, 1999, a nationwide arrest of Falun Gong practitioners began; on July 22, CCTV broadcasted "the Decision On Banning the Falun Dafa Research Society" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the notice of "Six Things Not Allowed" by the Ministry of Public Security, "Party and Central Government Notice on Communist Party Members Not Allowed to Practice 'Falun Dafa'." From then on, the persecution was carried forward full-force in China. Soon after, a brutal persecution started throughout China under the policy "destroy their reputations, cut them off financially and annihilate them physically."
  • During the Chinese New Year 2001, "after eighteen months of mitigated success due to reluctant and unstable enforcement of the anti-Falun Gong campaign by local officials, the central government authorities devised a new approach to eradicate the group in February 2001." Jiang's regime staged the "Tiananmen Self-immolation," and afterwards "The state media repeatedly broadcast shocking images of the burning body of a young girl and material aimed at defaming Falun Gong after the incident, to change public views towards Falun Gong." (An Amnesty International Briefing August 2001)

In the past four years, this persecution against Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and against more than one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners has spanned over 60 countries and regions around the world, destroying the happiness and welfare of countless people. More importantly, Jiang has not only persecuted Falun Gong, but through his lies and slander against Falun Gong, he has deceived people all over the world. He has directly undermined people's pursuit of lofty moral principles and persecuted the existing human conscience, causing incalculable damage to the whole human society.

Seeing this unjustified persecution, Swiss parliamentarian Madeleine Genoud-Page asked, "Why can the ancestral principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance, which are vital for all of mankind, not be defended in China? (...). The techniques of (...) this form of qigong bring health and self-control and demonstrate overall respect for the person as a being. Is this really what so terrifies the Chinese authorities?"

Dafa Practitioners' Peaceful Efforts and Growing Maturity

Jiang Zemin thought he could "eliminate" Falun Gong within three months. However, after four years of brutal persecution, Falun Gong is still standing, rock-solid. Instead of being suppressed and eliminated, it has spread widely in the world and has won the support of the countries around the world under Falun Gong practitioners' persistent peacefulness and rationality.

On July 20, 1999, Falun Gong practitioners leaped from personal cultivation to Fa-rectification cultivation. From then on, in order to expose the lies and help the world's people see the truth, year-by-year and day-by-day, the Falun Gong practitioners inside and outside of China have broken through the information blockade by the evil and gradually developed creative methods of truth clarification. Through word of the mouth, flyers, Internet, radio broadcast, newspapers, TV and other powerful channels, the Falun Gong practitioners have delivered the truth about Falun Gong and about the persecution to the hands of countless people, which demonstrated Dafa's mighty virtue and enabled many people to be saved through learning the truth.

Today, not only is Falun Gong tenaciously persevering in China, it has spread to nearly 60 countries and regions in the world; received at least 800 proclamations and supporting resolutions in foreign countries, and it is becoming more familiar to the world's people. True practitioners all praise the tremendous improvements to health and morality that Falun Gong has given them, as well as the profoundness of Falun Dafa's principles. Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is radiating ever more brightly through the evil tribulation. At the same time, as we become more mature through Fa-rectification cultivation, we uphold Dafa with determination and persistently clarify the truth amidst persecution. We are Fa-rectification Dafa disciples who are created by Dafa and are able to bear the historic responsibility of validating Dafa and saving people; we are endowed with infinite wonderfulness and magnificent glory by Master.

Tightening the Net of Law, No Escape for the Evil

  • On October 18, 2002, some Dafa practitioners filed a lawsuit against the head of the evil Jiang Zemin in North Illinois U.S. District Court. They charged Jiang with crimes including genocide, torture, deprivation of consciousness and freedom of belief.
  • On October 4, 2002, human rights lawyers Georges-Henri Beauthier (France) and William Bourdon (Belgium) launched legal action against the head of China's "610 Office", Li Lanqing. The charges included the cruel torture of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
  • On March 8, 2003, attorney Philip Grant from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights suggested holding public trials in Switzerland as well as 59 other countries for Jiang Zemin and the "610 Office" for genocide, torture, and other crimes against humanity.
  • Eight other Chinese officials have also been sued in overseas courts.

This shameful persecution initiated by Jiang Zemin has brutally oppressed innocent Falun Gong practitioners, and spearheaded slanderous attacks of Falun Gong that teaches Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. The combination of threats with inducements for the world's many governments, officials, and organizations have directly destroyed millions of people's health and happiness around the world and made many innocent people unrighteous. They also directly destroyed the basic morality, justice, and conscience of human society. Everyone in the world became an actual victim of this vicious persecution. Therefore, everyone, every group, and every government in this world should understand the deceit and harm caused by Jiang's persecution. Everyone has the right to bring Jiang to court in his/her heart and put him on trial in the court of morality, the court of conscience and the courts of law.

Every time Jiang is found guilty in the courts of human law, morality, and people's hearts, the evil force is again eliminated from different areas and people's hearts. When the evil is completely eliminated, it will be the time for sincere, kindness, and justice to come back to the human world. All kind people will deeply benefit from this great, global, righteous trial.

Heaven and Earth Celebrate "World Falun Dafa Day"

Four years ago on May 13th 2000, in order to commemorate Teacher's first introducing Falun Dafa, to let people further understand Dafa, and to call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong, practitioners around the world proposed and more than a dozen Falun Dafa associations around the world designated May 13th as "World Falun Dafa Day".

For the past four years, on May 13, Falun Dafa practitioners around the world have been helping people to celebrate this great holiday. Last year, was the tenth anniversary of the introduction of Falun Dafa in this world. Six cities in British Columbia, Canada announced May 2002 as "Falun Dafa Month Honoring Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance". They were Parksville, Belcarra, Duncan, Cumberland, Armstrong, and Cranbrook. The mayors presented proclamations to praise Falun Gong's ancient cultivation method of bringing health to people's bodies and minds, commended Falun Gong's contribution to social development, and admired Falun Dafa practitioners' manifestation of great compassion and forbearance under the most severe environment.

This year, starting May 8th (April 8th in the Chinese lunar calendar, also Teacher's 52nd birthday), practitioners around the world have been holding various celebration activities. Emails from practitioners in China respectfully congratulating Teacher on his birthday broke through the information blockade and came in one after another. Overseas, proclamations commending Falun Dafa and letters congratulating World Falun Dafa Day also came in succession. Today, May 13th, activities celebrating the fourth World Falun Dafa Day will come to a climax in many places in the world. During this last period of Fa-rectification, practitioners wish to leave to the future people more opportunities, deeper impressions, and more precious memories.

In this era when people generally forget about the real meaning of morality and justice, and value personal and material interests more than the true meaning of life, they may not be able to understand the profound meaning of World Falun Dafa Day. In the near future, when things that mankind can never imagine happening appear in front of their eyes, those who are fortunate enough to be saved will wake up from their dreams and realize what has happened.

Teacher said in Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,

"Mankind, the mankind of the future, it'll eulogize today's Fa-rectification affair for generation after generation. (Applause) As for the truth about the persecution, that hasn't yet been fully revealed for mankind to see. Mankind will be shocked. The Consummation of Dafa disciples, the occurrence of everything that mankind doesn't believe in, and the process of all of mankind's deviated things being rectified -- these will be soul-stirring, and not just shocking but terrifying. All of that will happen. So this segment of history will be passed down by mankind for all eternity."

Nothing can stop the complete success of Fa-rectification and we should make good use of time to do even better in our cultivation.

Since ancient times, evil has never defeated righteousness. This most evil persecution of Dafa has been doomed since the very beginning. Falun Dafa, built on the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" will continue to benefit mankind both physically and spiritually. Jiang and his accomplices will receive most severe punishment with the revelation of the truth of Falun Dafa.

Teacher told us in Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,

"...you have to seize the day and cultivate yourselves well. No matter how busy you are or how many things you have to do, you can't neglect your own Fa study and cultivation. It's the fundamental guarantee that you will be able to do things related to validating the Fa well. It's also a guarantee that you'll be able to make it to the last step. Many, many things appear ordinary, but infinitely wonderful and magnificent special honors are all contained in there. If you can do the three things well then everything is in there, everything is covered. There isn't much time left to validate the Fa."

Human's language cannot possibly describe Teacher's painstaking salvation of and compassion towards us. Gods' eulogies cannot possibly extol Teacher's mercy to the fullest extent.

During the past eleven years of Teacher's painstaking Fa-spreading, many Vajra Dafa disciples have been forged and a pure and new cosmos has been created. Numerous sentient beings are grateful for Teacher's salvation and the vast firmament will exist forever. Mankind can now truly cultivate and become gods, and gods will be even purer. The Fa has bestowed wisdom to the new cosmos and rectified the root problem of the old cosmos.

Magnificent! The Fa-rectification is unprecedented in history! Compassionate! The new universe is most beautiful!

Let's keep Teacher's words in mind and do well in the three things Teacher requires of us. Walk our last steps well in our cultivation path, let go of all our human notions and attachments, assimilate to the Fa, save sentient beings, and reach the grand consummation as Teacher expects.

Let us hoist our sails, strive diligently, and return to our homes prepared by our Teacher in a dignified and noble manner. Let everyday people marvel at the return of the pure and sacred enlightened beings in the firmament.

Written on the 11th anniversary of Teacher's Fa-spreading.