(Clearwisdom.net Editors' Note: Each time we publish news of this nature, we do so with heavy hearts. These people started off as public servants, but under the intense pressure applied by the Jiang regime, they were pushed into persecuting Dafa disciples. In the process of destroying the lives of kind, law-abiding citizens, they have sealed their own fates and inevitably faced karmic retribution as punishment. If it weren't for Jiang's wicked orders, perhaps their fates would've been different.)

Former Director of Yangmiao Police Station in Jiaozuo City, Boai County, Henan Province Received His Karmic Retribution

He xx, former Director of the Yangmiao Police Station in Jiaozuo City, Boai County, Henan Province used to monitor and report on practitioners' activities and participated in persecuting practitioners. He had illegally sent several practitioners to detention centers and labor camps. He died abruptly not long ago.

Another District Director, also named He, of Jiaozuo City, Boai County, Henan Province also participated in persecuting practitioners after July 20, 1999. He arrested practitioners, gathered them together and then started slandering the Teacher of Falun Gong. However, at that very moment Mr. He's mouth suddenly became stiff and lost all feeling. He passed out on the spot and fell into a comatose state.

Former Driver of Food-Delivering Truck Team in Xinbin County, Liaoning Province Received Karmic Retribution for Tearing Down Dafa Material

Han Jiaxun, former driver of a food-delivering truck team in Xinbin County, Liaoning Province and his wife used to practice Falun Gong. They however stopped practicing after July 20, 1999. Later on, his wife had cerebral thrombosis. She was in daily need of his help in order to walk. Every time they passed a stairway, they tore down any Dafa information they found. They also slandered Dafa. Between February and March of 2003, a boil suddenly appeared on Han Jiaxun's back, which then spread and covered his whole back. He stayed in hospital for more than twenty days spending about ten thousand-yuan but still could not cure his disease. Recently, people said that his second son had leukemia and his second son's wife had arthritis. They had already spent about one hundred thousand yuan in medical expenses.