(Clearwisdom.net) Around 10:00 a.m. on April 23, 2003, a policeman who claimed to be from Zhanqian Police Station in Lianshan District of Huludao City impatiently knocked on the door of the residence of a female Dafa practitioner. He yelled for her to open the door and threatened to break down the door and barge in if she did not open it. He continuously banged on the door and shouted for half an hour. This practitioner took a look downstairs and saw the policeman using his mobile phone to call for backup. In this urgent situation, in order to avoid being persecuted again by the evil persons, she had no choice but to escape by going out the window on the fifth story in which she was staying, along the iron window bars that were meant to guard against burglary. That afternoon around 1 p.m. someone saw plain-clothes policemen looting the property. They moved her belongings from her residence to a police car from the Bohai Street Police Station.

600 Yuan in the pocket of a jacket was stolen A locked drower was pried open. Cash of 11,000 Yuan, certificate of deposit, a residential registration card, a certificate of physisian etc. were stolen 3" VCD's were stolen

On the day after this incident, her family members found that their house had been ransacked. The valuables in the house were looted and the house was left empty by the Political Security Section of Lianshan District Police Department and the Bohai Street Police Station. The Dafa books were taken. The stolen valuables included: a desktop computer, laser printer, stereo player, videotape player, and a digital VCD player. Valuables that were locked in the drawers were also looted: Cash of eleven thousand Yuan, two bank deposit books containing forty-four thousand Yuan (one book had twenty thousand Yuan while the other had twenty-four thousand Yuan), and the insurance deposit certificate of thirteen thousand Yuan belonging to her eldest daughter. In total, they looted sixty-eight thousand Yuan. Adding the cost of the equipment the loss was over seventy thousand Yuan. The forty-four thousand Yuan was from the sale of their house and was meant for their daughter's education, and eight thousand Yuan of the cash was money that her sister had given them to help them with their living expenses. (Because they persisted in cultivating Dafa, both husband and wife were fired by their work units) The corrupt police also stole their identity cards, the husband's doctor credentials and his medical license. The police even took the six hundred Yuan that was in the pocket of a shirt that was hung on a clothes rack. It is not known if other properties were stolen.

This Dafa practitioner and her husband have now been forced to become homeless and move from place to place to avoid being persecuted. They have a home that they cannot return to and children that they are unable to take care of. A happy family has thus been broken up by the lawless police.

Political and Security Section of Lianshan District Police Department: 86-429-2125621

Lianshan District Police Department: 86-429-2160026

Bohai Police Station in Lianshan District: 86-429-2161041

Zhanqian Police Station: 86-429-2122901

May 1, 2003