(Clearwisdom.net) My wife and I both started cultivation in July 1997. Before I obtained the Fa, I had several chronic diseases and often had conflicts with my wife. Since studying Dafa, I have fully recovered from all the diseases, and the relationship with my wife has also improved. Through studying Dafa, we understood the principle of becoming a good person, so we have been leading our lives according to Dafa's principles on everything we do and we have formed good relationships with our neighbors. We have really benefited from Dafa physically and mentally. Soon after we obtained Dafa, our home became a practice site. More than thirty people in our village obtained Dafa and benefited both spiritually and physically.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime began the persecution of Dafa. My wife and I, along with other fellow practitioners, went to Beijing to appeal on that day. We were sent back to our county on the following day. We were released after being illegally detained for five days. In October 1999, the police came to my home several times to harass, bully and threaten us. They asked me to guarantee not to appeal in Beijing again. I refused their unreasonable request. In the evening, a policeman from the county police department's criminal investigation team broke into my home and took my wife, me and another girl (also a Dafa practitioner) to the office of the criminal investigation team and detained us until midnight.

In February 2000, people from the township government led by the village officials confiscated the IDs of all Falun Gong practitioners, and they have not returned the IDs yet. On March 2, 2000, the political security section chief (now dismissed) deceived me into going to the police department and illegally detained me. I was brutally beaten by the criminals in the detention center. My leg was injured and it took me one month to recover from the injury. Later, I was forced to write a guarantee letter, which I've rescinded. On April 26, I was released but fined 3000 Yuan. During this period, my family spent up to 8000 Yuan to lobby for my release. The persecution caused tremendous anguish for my parents and my family. During this period, my wife was also deceived into going to the township government office and was illegally detained for several days.

On July 20, 2000, the secretary of the township political and law committee came again to take my wife away and detained her for two days. At the end of September 2000, the police confiscated a fellow practitioner's copier. Because I was involved, I was forced to leave home to avoid the persecution. It has been two and half years since I left home. After I left, the police harassed my relatives in order to arrest me. On the following day, the secretary of the township political and law committee led some people to take my wife away as hostage. She was not released from the township police station until twenty days later. My wife was four months pregnant at the time. My family sent her meals each day. To arrest me, the police often harassed my family in the middle of the night. They grilled my parents for information about me and put tremendous mental pressure on them.

In January 2001, after my wife delivered our son, the police still harassed them as usual. When the baby was two months old, they came again and tried to take my wife away to the brainwashing class. Holding the baby, my wife firmly refused to cooperate with them. They had no choice but to leave. After that, whenever a "sensitive" day approached, to avoid persecution, my wife had to go away with the baby to relatives' homes. She often came back home ten days or half a month later. She lived like this for more than one year, and the torment on her body and soul was hard to describe. During the 16th National Party Congress, the persecution became even more severe. They arrested homeless Dafa practitioners everywhere. My wife had to leave our baby with my parents. She has been separated from the baby for almost half a year now.

During these two years, in order to arrest me, the police hired people to monitor my home and family members, and they bribed the neighbors to monitor my family. They offered a reward for my arrest, put me on the wanted list and monitored my family. After I had to leave home, all of the farm work was put on my parents. Their health was not good, and under the high-pressure persecution, their health suffered even more. My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in October 2002. In order to arrest me, police even tracked him down at the hospital. During the 16th National Party Congress, my 80-year-old grandmother suddenly passed away. In hopes of arresting me, the police even hid in our family graveyard. They also sent the village officials to bully and threaten my parents. On New Year's Eve of every year, they would come to harass our family. During New Year's Eve of last year, when the clock just ticked 12 o'clock, they climbed over the wall and tried to arrest me.

Now my parents are taking care of my ten-year old daughter and two-year old son. They are depending on my sisters and friends' financial support. Their lives are very difficult. Our happy family has been torn apart by Jiang's regime and its persecution.

April 25, 2003