• Dafa Practitioners from Malaysia Reverently Wish Honorable Master a Happy Birthday!
  • Dafa Disciples from Russia Send Birthday Greetings to Honorable Master

Layer upon layer, Master rectifies the colossal firmament,
You personally lead students to save sentient beings.
Were it not for your vast and mighty grace,
How could it be possible for students to have this chance!
Your students will definitely achieve the righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism through cultivation.
We shall follow Master to return to our origin!

Happy Birthday, Master!

  • All Dafa Students from Korea Respectfully Wish Teacher a Happy 52nd Birthday!

Honorable Master, Happy Birthday!

Under Teacher's greatest mercy and infinite grace, Dafa disciples and sentient beings in the cosmos are able to welcome the day that both heaven and earth are celebrating. There are no words that can express your disciples' boundless appreciation and gratitude towards benevolent Master. We can only do the three things well that Teacher has asked us to do.

  • Dafa Students from Thailand Wish Infinitely Merciful Master a Happy Birthday!
  • Dafa Practitioners from Hong Kong Send Birthday Greetings to Infinitely Merciful Master!

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