On the afternoon of April 14, 2003, people from the Wuhan City, Qiaokou District "610 Office" - an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong - organized over one hundred government staff members, including district and community officials, and police stations who had been deceived by government's propaganda, to conduct persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in their districts, such as Liji Street District, Sanshu Street District, etc. Wherever they went, they formed groups of about 30 people. Among them were people in charge of the "610 Office," police station superintendents, the Chief of the Administration Section in a police station, and the District Party Secretary. They said, without even any cover-up attempt, "The Central Government ordered that every practitioner has to write a statement of 'breaking away' from Falun Gong. Anyone who refuses to do so will be taken to the brainwashing sessions." And they claimed that there were "experts" participating in holding the brainwashing sessions.

The Dafa practitioners refused to cooperate with any request from these wicked people. On one hand, they used wisdom and compassion to clarify the truth to those people who had been deceived; on the other hand, they sent forth strong righteous thoughts in close proximity to eliminate the evil forces behind them in other dimensions. Some people left, one after another, after they learned the truth. The police then tried another method and asked Dafa practitioners to sign a piece of blank paper. The practitioners firmly refused. The police - almost 30 strong - came forward menacingly; however, they couldn't intimidate the practitioners at all. They couldn't accomplish their goals. Instead, the practitioners exposed the persecution against Dafa practitioners conducted by Jiang's regime to the onlookers, clarified the truth to them, and awakened their righteous thoughts.

April 26, 2003