In 1999 I was in 9th grade and barely 14 years old. I was also persecuted by Jiang's regime for my faith in Falun Gong.

On July 14, 1999, my parents, also practitioners, appealed to the city government and urged them to stop a magazine from publishing a slanderous article on Teacher Li and Falun Gong. In the afternoon, approximately twenty people from the County Police Department and the management of my parents' workunit, led by the County Political Secretary, broke into our yard. They threatened me, yelling, "Where are your parents?" I did not answer their question, instead while they were forcibly entering our yard, I hid our Dafa materials. They then kicked the door open violently. The one who stood at the front smashed the window pane. They broke into the house, trying to find my parents. They turned all the cabinets upside down and searched everything they saw. I was petrified by what they did. Failing to find my parents, they took it out on me, pushing and hitting me.

Not long after they left, another group of people came to our house. A temporary worker with the last name Liu from the Police Department hit me hard in the face and pushed me down. I tried to stand up a few times, but he pushed me back into the chair each time. Once, my head was knocked against the back of the chair and I felt dizzy. They kept grabbing me by the shirt and yelling at me. They shook my head and body violently. I felt extremely sick and threw up until I couldn't anymore.

Later I was sent to a hospital. When my parents and relatives saw me, I was lying flat on the bed. My face was pale and swollen, and I was hardly conscious. It turned out that I had suffered a concussion. Because of my physical condition, I couldn't go to school for more than a month. The concussion seriously affected my ability to remember things, and my performance at school slipped significantly. I used to be a top student but afterwards I became one of the poorest performers in class. Since my mother was violently beaten and mentally tortured when she appealed in Beijing, and was later sent into a forced labor camp, I was blatantly bullied in class by some of my classmates. Because of what happened to my family and myself, I almost collapsed mentally. The pain that I suffered and the sadness that I felt had taken away my ability to concentrate on my studies and to sleep; as a result, I dropped out of school.

The persecution started when I was a child. The suffering that I have endured physically and mentally is beyond what any child should have to bear.