Huang Xiaojie, a 34 years old male Falun Dafa practitioner, is from Hubaotu Village, Zhizushan Township, Fuxing County, Liaoning Province. On September 24th 2001, policemen from Zhizushan Township Police Station kidnapped Huang from his relative's home in Beipiao County. Huang was viciously beaten, and he was shot in the leg.

Since July 20th 1999, the Jiang regime has relentlessly suppressed Falun Dafa. In order to validate Dafa, practitioner Huang Xiaojie, Hui Deguo, Liu Zhongcheng, and Li Dianhua (female) went from Shenyang, by train, to Beijing to appeal. In the middle of their trip, they were detained in Jinzhou. They were brought back by Fuxing County police department and were sent to the Township Police Station for detention. During the detention, they were subjected to inhuman treatments and tortures. The policemen poured water on the concrete floor and forced the practitioners to stand on it with bare feet. They then shocked the practitioners with electric batons. Female practitioner Li Dianhua appeared physically small and weak, so the ruffians tortured her husband Wang Zhihang instead of her. The practitioners were also forced to pay an enormous fine. Li's family had to give up everything they owned, after which they did not even have money to buy seeds for their farm, and their child was forced out of school. Their lives have been extremely difficult. In addition, they have been detained, fined and forced to write the so-called "guarantee statement" at every holiday. [Guarantee statement - A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners.]

After being released, through Fa-study and experience sharing with other practitioners, Huang Xiaojie recognized that it was wrong to write guarantee statement. He told the police, "I still practice." He clarified the truth to people and explained to them that Falun Dafa is innocent, and should not be persecuted. He exposed the media cover-ups and urged people to be aware of the truth.

Right before the National Day in 2001, the police from Zhizushan Township Police Station again started arresting Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners were under surveillance day and night. On the night of September 18, police arrested Huang from his home and confiscated his Dafa materials. Later that night, Huang walked out the police station being firm in his righteous thoughts. Since September 19, the police chief Liu Wangquan and deputy chief Li Shuoguo mobilized all the officers from the police station to search for him. They arrested all the local Falun Gong practitioners, and everyone who was related to Huang was under surveillance. Some practitioners were used as hostages and were detained at the police station for seven days. Only one practitioner escaped.

Huang was arrested again in the afternoon of September 24, at his relative's home. Even his relatives were violently beaten and heavily fined by the police.

We asked the righteous people from all international communities to act on this information, for the future of humanity. Let us all resist the evil together.