One day we lost contact with a practitioner after he had left my home. Later that night, we were sure that evil police officers had abducted him. Still, I did not intend to flee the city I lived in because I was going to report to my new job the next day, and I knew that people who had predestined relationships with me were there, waiting to obtain Falun Dafa.

On my first day, I was performing diligently and faithfully, and my boss and co-workers were very impressed. After work, I went home and discovered that my residence had been ransacked, and a practitioner friend staying with me had been taken away. Thus, I decided to move north after saying good-bye to my new boss and his wife. I took this opportunity to explain the truth to them. I shared my personal experiences of cultivating Falun Gong and told them about the unjust oppression of Dafa. They were touched and expressed their sympathy and concern for our safety. Knowing I was going north, my boss asked if I had enough money to travel. I knew that their kindness to endangered practitioners had created wonderful futures for them.

On board the speeding northbound train, a middle-aged woman with a child was on my bench. Two girls sat across from us, and a long-haired man was next to them by the window. I chatted easily with all of them and the atmosphere was cheerful. I wondered how to weave Dafa into the conversation.

As I boarded, I noticed that there were policemen sitting across the aisle. I could not stop my mind from being somewhat bothered by their presence. Rationally, I realized that I should explain the facts about Falun Gong with care under this circumstance. However, I had a firm thought: No matter what, there would be a good turning point in the conversation to explain the truth, and Teacher would help me. "Take it easy...wait and see," I reassured myself.

The male passenger had graduated from an art college and was very passionate. He gave every one near him a gift ballpoint pen with an advertisement on it. As I received the pen, I remembered a notebook (given to me that day by a practitioner) in my pocket. While trying the pen, suddenly, I knew what to do. I showed my writing of the three Chinese words "Fa Lun Gong" on the notebook to fellow passengers and asked, "Do you know this?"

All of a sudden, they became nervous. Most noticeable was the girl opposite my seat. She was alarmed and was anxiously looking around with a flushed, red face. Quickly, I adjusted my own mind and properly and calmly began to tell them about the tragic staging of the "self-immolation" at Tiananmen Square.

The girl left to get some water. I continued telling the others about how I had improved my body and mind by practicing Falun Gong. My looking much younger than my age surprised the long-haired man. I told him that my youthful appearance was also from practicing Falun Gong. Furthermore, I spoke of the innumerable good deeds done by practitioners from all walks of life. I believe my firm and serene mentality, combined with solid facts, shook and awakened their brighter sides.

They were cooling down from the original panic and listened quietly to what I had to say. The girl came back with her water. I covered aspects of the truth that would not pressure her too much and mentioned something interesting. Subsequently, the chatting atmosphere became as smooth and harmonious as before.

The train kept speeding along, and my truth clarification was getting better and better. Finally, their faces had understanding smiles rather than nervousness or fear. Later, with good intentions, I described to them their original reactions. With shame, the girl seated in the center replied, "Sorry, but we did not quite understand." I was wholeheartedly happy for this nice, innocent young lady.

After all the others went to sleep, the man who gave us the ballpoint pens conversed with me for a long while. I talked more about Falun Dafa and mentioned some of my realizations about life. I encouraged him with the following: "It is the true wisdom of a human life to think objectively and independently, to deal with everything around oneself without any preset conception, not to blindly believe the narrow one-voice propaganda, and not to follow the crowd by doing bad deeds." I could see trust and respect in his eyes.

After the long night of travel, finally the train arrived at its destination. We said farewell to one another as we were parting. The art college graduate patted my shoulder and said, "Big brother, I wish that conditions improve for you all!"

I know that a human life with the thought "Falun Dafa is good" in his/her mind will have a wonderful, bright future!


From this experience, I realized the following: In a critical moment, a practitioner's heart and mind should be full of righteous belief in Teacher. He/she should understand his/her own duty and mission. He/she should forsake selfishness and understand the Fa from its principles, enabling one to set the highest priority for Fa-rectification and the salvation of others. Then he/she will have the blessing of Teacher and thus will be able to deny the arrangements of the old forces, and become a diamond-like life in the cosmos, shocking and awing the evil.