From 1994, when the Falun Dafa Assistance Center was established in Liaoyuan, Jinlin Province, up to 1999, there were thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners in the area of Liaoyuan. There were practice sites throughout the cities and villages. The miraculous effects of Falun Dafa had made people fit and healthy in body and mind, and had set their hearts towards compassion.

During the severe floods of 1998 in the south of China, among the over 200,000 Yuan donated from the Liaoyuan region, more than 100,000 Yuan came from Dafa practitioners [500 Yuan is equal to the average monthly salary of an urban worker]. A practitioner who worked in the bank had checked the donations records, and found that the practitioners did not leave their names but simply wrote that it was a Dafa practitioner who had made the donation.

However, the officials in the Liaoyuan government have violated the law, and have pursued their own selfishness to persecute the kind Dafa practitioners. They have seriously deviated from the nature of kindness and have become evil. After April 25, 1999, the Police Department began surveillance of Dafa practitioners and created a blacklist with practitioners' names.

English teacher Zhou Wenjie of the 2nd School in Dongfeng County donated 25,000 Yuan (two years' salary on average) to help during the flooding, but died at the hands of the police in Changchun on May 26, 2002, who persecuted him for his belief.

Wu Lijuan donated 20,000 Yuan in disaster relief, but was sent to a forced labor camp for a one-year term in October 1999, because of appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. She was released after being forcibly brainwashed. When she became clear-minded again, she devoted herself once more to the Fa-rectification. She was kidnapped for a second time and sent to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, where she was persecuted until she suffered a mental collapse. Her current situation is not known.

In 1998, when there was a call to donate money for building an elevated bridge in Liaoyuan City, Dafa disciple Lu Chunyun anonymously donated 60,000 Yuan for the project. At that time, Mayor Xu Zengli handled this issue and held a special media conference, highly praising her action. This can be verified in the Liaoyuan Daily on May 18, 1998.

These are just several instances that can be substantiated. Actually, in the Liaoyuan region alone, there are far more than these several instances where practitioners were brutally persecuted just because they wanted to continue practicing Falun Gong and elevate their moral nature. Why are the authorities so afraid of good people?