In the U.S., the legal work regarding the lawsuit against Jiang has been carried out persistently and in an orderly way. However, since the detailed work is being done by our lawyer and a few practitioners who have legal knowledge, the majority of overseas practitioners are not directly participating in this matter. Practitioners who are tied up with various truth clarification tasks gradually have lost some awareness of the urgency and importance of this matter. This was especially true when recently several incidents that occurred overseas interfered with and diverted the attention of many practitioners.

My personal understanding is that bringing a lawsuit against Jiang and insisting on due punishment on the human level is an extremely important task in the Fa-rectification process. Jiang is the representative of the evil in the human world. The very few high-level evil forces that remain are putting in their last-ditch efforts to support and sustain it. Wouldn't the trial be the most dreadful thing for the evil forces? The fact that the Jiang regime is trying to pressure the U.S. government to interfere with the lawsuit has clearly proven this point. The more the evil fears something, the more efforts we should put into it.

The majority of practitioners can't and do not need to participate in the detailed legal work. However, whether something can succeed and go smoothly in the human world depends on the mental state of Dafa disciples. The lawsuit against the head of the evil is a critical step in Fa-rectification. Its outcome does not only depend on a few practitioners who participate in the lawsuit, but is closely related to the practitioners as a whole. If everyone treats this matter as just one of the many Dafa projects, and thinks that it's just the business of those several practitioners, then the evil will concentrate all their strength into interfering with those few practitioners, thus making the lawsuit unable to move forward. On the other hand, if all of us pay serious attention to this issue, and use our strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interfering with the lawsuit, then it is the best support for those few practitioners and the whole matter in general.

Our lawyer is scheduled to meet with the judge in court on Monday, April 14, 2003. This is a critical step in the whole process and will determine whether or not this lawsuit can move forward. We propose that from now until April 15, during our daily set times for sending forth righteous thoughts, practitioners may want to consider sparing a few minutes to specifically eliminate any evil interfering with the lawsuit. Practitioners who have more time may consider extending the time for sending forth righteous thoughts. When we send forth righteous thoughts at set times on weekends, we should also focus our minds on this issue. Moreover, it is also very important to clarify the truth centering on the lawsuit to different people in different social environments. If we ignore this, we may suffer great losses.

If we can't study the Fa well and instead become attached to human thoughts, the old forces may interfere with us at their will. The interference may manifest in many different ways, including making practitioners who participate in the lawsuit unable to study the Fa or relinquish their personal attachments. When these interferences occur, if the practitioner cannot look within and correct himself, and if other practitioners only think it is interference from the old forces and just send forth righteous thoughts to help him eliminate the evil, then we are looking externally without achieving a good effect. We may also divert the attention of all practitioners and cause losses to our truth-clarification work as one body. The recent cases happening overseas clearly prove this.

Master said in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference,"

"Of course, you need to weigh the importance versus the urgency, and put things in order on your own. If you don't prioritize well, then it could affect what you need to do..."

I feel that we should all do well in balancing the importance and urgency of these matters.