Written on March 27, 2003


My little grandson and I listen to one lecture per day together from the audiotape of Master Li's Fa lecture in Guangzhou. One day, after we started to listen to the Fa lecture, my grandson told me that many people were listening to the Fa lecture together with us in the room. They were above our heads, standing and wearing ancient clothes. My grandson said that as soon as we turned on the tape player and started to listen to the Fa lecture, those people all came immediately. On another day, I asked him how many people were listening to the Fa together with us. He started to count silently and told me after a while that there were over 180 people, including a child, who told my grandson that he was 8 years old. After we finished listening to the Fa lecture, I asked him, "Have those people left?" He said that they all left from above the big closet and only one remained, who seemed to be writing something down. My grandson told me that every time we listened to the Fa, Falun flew out of the tape player and that they looked very beautiful.

Once when I read Master Li's new articles, my grandson came to me and said, "You are reading Master Li's new article and every word is Falun, which are all rotating."

When opening Zhuan Falun or other books of Teacher, my grandson can see that these books are all colorful, golden, and shining. When looking at Teacher's picture, he said that Teacher was smiling at me. When looking at the Falun emblem, he used his hands to show that Falun rotates this way and rotates that way, and that all symbols inside the Falun are rotating, as well as all of the Tao symbols. I asked him, "What are behind those words?" He said that there were many, many people!

When sending forth righteous thoughts, if we silently recited the verse with our mouth closed, my grandson would see many Falun coming out of our nostrils; if we recited the verse by speaking, (whether we made a sound or not) colorful, golden, and shining Falun flew out of our mouths.

My grandson can also see the beings in other dimensions and the way they live, etc. What he sees, however, are only things that can be seen at his current level. I wrote this down to share with other practitioners and I hope to encourage all of us to cultivate more diligently. However, I think we should not worship or be attached to any supernormal capabilities.