When I heard that Hong Haoyuan had recently died, I felt very sad and indignant over the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners!

Hong Haoyuan was from Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. He graduated from Southern Normal University of Guangdong Province and worked at a mobile communication company.

I didn't know Hong Haoyuan very long. The first time I met him was in early 2000 when we were detained together at Guangdong Provincial Liaison Office in Beijing after we validated Dafa in Beijing.

The second time I met him was in the Sanshui Labor Camp. He told me what had happened since we first met in Beijing: He had been sent to a mental hospital where medications and injections were forced upon him daily. He was forcibly detained with diagnosed mentally ill patients, suffering from inhumane treatment for a month. In the Sanshui Labor Camp, he joined a group hunger strike in order to obtain the right to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. He and his fellow practitioners suffered a lot after receiving brutal beatings, electric baton shocks and confinement.

The third time I met him was at a strict-control section in the Sanshui Labor Camp. We exchanged a few words and I had not seen him since then.

Later, I was told that he was sent to the First Center of the Sanshui Labor Camp. Over there, policemen used a long bench to hit his head. Even the long bench was broken into two pieces! However, he kept his faith in cultivating the Dafa all the time without waivering.

The duration of his confinement in the labor camp was arbitrarily extended again and again, and the policemen said, "Never release him until he gives up his faith in Dafa." However, under the pressure of fellow practitioners' appeals all over the world, they had to release him from the labor camp in the latter part of 2002. But his body had become very weak due to the severe persecution. I didn't imagine that he would pass away so soon.