Just prior to the session opening of the two Congresses, the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] of Jilin Province ordered lower level offices in each city, county, district, police station, and neighborhood administration, as well as businesses and government organizations, to "Thoroughly eliminate and arrest all Falun Gong practitioners." They used tailgating, abductions, and stakeouts, forcing family members, children, and neighbors to report on practitioners for rewards of 10,000 Yuan (twenty months average pay of an urban worker). They arrested all practitioners who had previously been forced to give up cultivation in brainwashing sessions.

There were countless police vehicles on the streets of Changchun City, almost one police vehicle every 200 meters, patrolling the city around the clock. Security guards with banners on their sleeves could be seen everywhere, especially under the utility poles.

We learned that many Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested at home; some practitioners who became homeless and destitute in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home were arrested by the Changchun City "610 Office," and have been brutally tortured.

  1. On the evening of March 3, 2003, police went to practitioner Hu Huiqiu's home. Despite the fact that she was recovering from a heart attack, police stayed at her home all night. Now Hu Huiqiu is being illegally detained at the No.3 Detention Center. The police station that sent her is the Shuguangzhonglu Police Station; the phone number for the police station is 86-431-8930950.
  2. Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Chunping in Changchun City, Jilin Province has been missing since March 9. We heard that she is being held by the No. 1 Office of the Changchun City Police Station, where she is being cruelly tortured.
  3. The Nanjie Police Station sent officers to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners at will. They arrested many practitioners as well as their families who often left their homes, becoming destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home. The phone number for the police station is 86-431-8743467.
  4. Senior practitioners (60-70 years old) who were formerly forced to renounce the practice were arrested and taken to the Jianshe Street Police Station on March 9th. The Director's office phone number is 86-431-5655012.