(Clearwisdom.net) Why do practitioners fail to participate in Dafa work? In my view the root cause is inadequate Fa-study on the part of the practitioners concerned. As practitioners, however, we first of all have to look inward when encountering problems, especially for those who have already recognized the importance of Fa-rectification and for those who have participated in clarifying the facts.

Take myself, for example. I found that sometimes I could not stop myself from doubting other fellow practitioners. As I worried too much about them, I tried to take on their tasks myself as much as possible. What I was doing was actually placing restrictions on other fellow practitioners. Also, I think the environment for cultivation practice is crucial. For instance, you are in charge of the exercise site and a lot of people join for Fa-study. Although you study a great deal of Fa, there still exist gaps. It is likely that two things - inadequate experience-sharing in group Fa-study and the insufficient experience-sharing based on Fa - have led to the situation in which practitioners do not have a sufficient understanding of the progress of Fa-rectification. On this matter, I think we must strengthen Fa-study. In addition to Zhuan Falun, we need to frequently study Master Li's recent articles. Based on the foundation of Fa-study, it is recommended to hold experience-sharing sessions with specific focus on the understanding of how to do well in the "three things" [studying the Fa principles, clarifying the truth and sending righteous thoughts].

At the same time, it is rather important to read practitioners' articles on the internet and hold a proper attitude when we read those articles, which are very important and reflect a cultivator's xinxing [heart/mind nature; moral character] and his or her understanding of the Fa-rectification. I always encountered the problem that quite a few practitioners do not realize the importance of those articles and the importance of participation in experience-sharing sessions. Some practitioners are selective in reading articles; they choose those articles that suit them and put news or reports about Fa-rectification activities in a secondary position. Actually, this is a big problem as well.

I went to several cities in the Ukraine recently. I had a feeling that many practitioners did not clarify the truth fundamentally because of inadequate Fa-study and consequent failure to form one body. For a period of time in the past, I felt myself being separated from other practitioners. When I started to think over this issue, I realized that I was preoccupied solely with doing Dafa work myself. It was merely a formality for me to go to the exercise site. It seemed that I studied the Fa seriously and also exchanged opinions with other fellow practitioners. In my heart, however, I was in a hurry to go home to do my own work. I also noticed that I did not pay attention when reading other practitioners' articles, especially about news and those articles relating to Fa-spreading activities. I simply read without comprehension. I realized that it separated me from other fellow practitioners. It is rather important for us to hold righteous thoughts when reading practitioners' articles or reports relating to Dafa. If we do not respect them, or do not read seriously, once the old forces see this, it will lead to us being separated from other fellow practitioners. It is because such a state does not meet the requirements of Dafa. Our Master said, "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things" ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference"). When I started to seriously read practitioners' articles and their realizations and when I started to think over how to help other practitioners to upgrade together, I experienced a tremendous change of heart. I truly began feel that those were also "my things" when, for example, the American practitioners clarify the truth at a university. Although I did not participate directly in this, my righteous thoughts had become stronger in this matter.

A lot of practitioners do not participate in clarifying the truth. My understanding is that the fellow practitioners who are clarifying the truth think what they have done for Dafa is the first priority; however, they may be overlooking the importance of practitioners upgrading together as a whole, they may forget to consider how to help other practitioners so that they too can truly understand the importance of clarifying the truth in their hearts. Once we get too caught up in our own work, we do not treat other practitioners' problems as our own. We just wait for them to start to clarify the truth by themselves, which already implies separation. I think to solve this problem, what we have to do is to facilitate the creation of an environment for genuine Fa-study and for cultivation practice, in which each of us upgrades together by continuous Fa-study and exchanging views based on the Fa. It goes without saying that we have to place Fa-study as the first priority.

This is my personal point of view regarding this matter.