The followings are the facts of the situation that Sichuan Province Dafa practitioners had witnessed and experienced at Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp. The unlawful perpetrators of crimes at Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp not only brutally torment innocent Falun Gong practitioners, but also deceive investigators from Australia to cover up persecution facts, and retaliate against practitioners who reveal the camp lies to the investigators. The followings are practitioners' statements:

On December 30, 2000, I was taken to the detention centre for no reason. On March 15, 2001, the unlawful police illegally detained me at the Nanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp. On the second night, because I refused to give up my practice of Falun Gong, I was forced to stand facing the wall in a torture known as "standing in army corps posture." I was not allowed to move at all. I stood there from 6 am to 11pm and was not allowed to wash myself. I was forced to stand in this posture for 35 days, and my hands and feet became swollen.

One day, a "personal cangue" [cangue, the name of an instrument of torture, is now used to indicate the person who was designated to supervise the behavior of practitioners.], who is a drug addict, suddenly became hysterical, and forced me to do "backing up an airplane" [a kind of torture method, the victim must bend over while holding the legs straight. Then, with the feet close together, the arms are lifted as high as possible, with the hands touching the wall]. Then, the cangue's fists and feet repeatedly struck on my body.

One night in June, four fellow practitioners and I were beaten in a room, and then dragged to an empty room downstairs. The perpetrators forced us to stand in "army corps" posture and "backing up an airplane" from 10 pm to 6pm on the following day. On November 8, the perpetrators locked us up on the third floor. We were isolated, sat for the whole day, not allowed to move, and needed "permission" for every movement.

We also experienced intensive heat and sun exposure in the hot summer, various tortures from the prisoners, sleep deprivation, forced brainwashing and so on. It is too difficult to list all of our suffering.

On January 25, 2003, two investigators from Australia accompanied with staff from Sichuan Province National Security Bureau to investigate a water dungeon. Chief Li showed them around, when they came to our window, an investigator suddenly asked: "Why are they all standing?" Li immediately lied: "They are tied of sitting, so they want to stand." Fellow practitioner Peng Shiqiong heard this, and right away clarified, "They force us to stand." She was immediately pushed over on a bed by the other prisoners, and her mouth was covered. Because it was bright outside and dark inside the room, the glass reflected, it was not easy to see what was happening inside from the outside. At that moment, Chief Li moved his body to block their view, and then took the investigators away.

After 9 pm that night, when the cold wind was piercing, the prison guards retaliated. They dragged and pulled Peng Shiqiong and Luo Meng to the courtyard, tied them onto a tree and sealed their mouths with adhesive tape. Gao Huifang was also physically punished because she protected Luo Meng. At last, the three of them were forcibly detained in an empty room and stood there for one week both day and night. They were not allowed to sleep in bed for 13 consecutive days.

The other fellow practitioners downstairs also suffered from inhumane tortures and persecution. Just before I left, fellow practitioner Sun Fenghua had not been allowed to sleep in bed for more than 40 days. She and other fellow practitioners are still undergoing the tribulation.