A little known labor camp in Liaoyuan City has become notorious in the province for enthusiastically following the Jiang regime directives to persecute Falun Gong over the past four years. In order to please the "higher up" officials, the labor camp frequently employs torture by using high voltage electric batons to attempt to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs.

On April 1, 2001, an official from the regime's "law enforcement department" came to inspect the labor camp. Feeling "honored," the labor camp gathered 17 "former" Falun Gong practitioners, who they "trust most" to have been so called "reformed" by signing the "guarantee statement" [a statement declaring that one would give up the practice of Falun Gong], to participate in the inspection. (Most of these people gave up Falun Gong against their true will under severe torture) The way the inspection was carried out was very simple: those who raised their hands to acknowledge the regime's defamatory lies against Falun Gong were to be counted. When only about half of the chosen participants raised their hands, the accompanying officers from the labor camp were panic-stricken while the face of the department's official became very upset. The inspection hurriedly ended with the delegate shaking his head in disappointment. The result was obvious: the reported rate of conversion was fraudulent. Even among those who showed their hands, several did so against their will.

Liaoyuan Labor Camp kidnapped over 30 male Falun Gong practitioners in total over the past two years. (Excluding the 15 kidnapped from Jilin City on March 27th of this year.) An investigation showed that the evil policemen had used heavy sticks and high voltage electric batons to administer torture against Falun Gong practitioners in an attempt to force them to give up their beliefs.

According to a reliable source, over 20 practitioners were beaten with electric batons. Some had their heads beaten until badly swollen, some had broken ribs, some had broken legs, and some of them were hung up for at least 24 hours after the torture.

Using the above mentioned "inspection" for example, all those who did not raise their hands suffered further persecution as retaliation. Four of them wrote a solemn declaration to the "Education Branch" of the labor camp, declaring that the "guarantee letters" they signed as a result of unbearable beatings and torture were void immediately, and that they would follow Master to complete cultivation in Fa-Rectification to the very end. These four practitioners in particular were taken to the guard's quarters on the 1st floor only two days after the departure of the official from the central government, and tortured. 52 years old Zhang Yongjiu would not give in and was taken to the "Education Branch." On the morning of April 5, a persone with the surname Kong, the Head of the "Education Branch," tortured Zhang himself. He beat up Zhang for one and a half hours in the morning until he was tired. Then in the afternoon he tortured Zhang for another hour and a half. Zhang's mouth and head were covered in blood. It took fellow practitioners half an hour to clean away the blood after Zhang was returned to his cell. Meanwhile Kong was so tired from the beating he administered, that he fell on the bed and went to sleep instantly. Since Zhang refused to retract his solemn declaration, the "Education Branch" further instructed a person named Han, head of the 3rd League to which Zhang belonged, to torture him using a whip made from thick twisted cables. Zhang was stripped to his underclothes, and the whip was applied to the full length of his back, which soon became covered with black and purple wounds. Three strikes of the whip caused Zhang to faint. He bore 15 strikes of the whip and fainted three times. In addition, high voltage electric batons were also employed, striking Zhang on his back and legs. Despite all this, Zhang still refused to retract his solemn declaration. They continued to strike Zhang's head until he fainted. When he woke up, they asked him again if he would not retract his solemn declaration. Zhang answered firmly: "I will persevere with my cultivation in Dafa, and will never give up as long as I am alive!" The criminal officers were afraid of bearing the responsibility for Zhang's potential death if this beating were to continue, so they changed the torture to "solitary confinement." As of April 9th, Zhang Yongjiu is still kept in an "solitary confinement," which is equivalent to being locked up in a cage.

Certain lawless individuals from Liaoyuan Labor Camp used deception to manipulate officials above and control officials below. They employed the cruelest means of torture against Dafa practitioners in order to please the "higher ups," all for the sake of their self interest, attempting to make us give up our cultivation. These criminals must and will be brought to justice, and punished according to the Universe's principles.