Ms. Zhang Guizhi, a 47 year-old resident of Liujiawopu Village, Xinmin Town, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province was kidnapped and sent to the Jinzhou City First Detention Center in August 2001 by the Xiaolingzi Airport Police Station for practicing Falun Dafa. Two months later, she was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor education and transferred to Masanjia Labor Camp where she was detained in Group 1, Team 2 of Division 2. On April 12, 2003, her family members received a notice jointly issued by the labor camp, local police station and village committee, saying that Zhang Guizhi "is receiving emergency treatment because she's critically ill." When her family rushed to Masanjia, they found she had already died and her body placed in the mortuary.

When Zhang Guizhi's family asked to learn the cause of her death, the camp director did not respond. The team leader forbade them to take pictures of her body. Her family noticed wounds on her body and bloodstains in her nose and mouth. There were purple speckles on her body. When asked why her body looked black and blue, the police claimed that a fall while taking a shower triggered her heart problem, which led to her death. However, April 12th was not a shower day (in the camp, practitioners can only take showers on specified days). Moreover, heart problems wouldn't lead to bleeding in both mouth and nose. It is obvious that she had been tortured to death.

Jinzhou City First Detention Center: 86-416-2572038

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Masanjia Labor Camp:
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Director Zhang Chaoying: 86-24-89210262
Director Su Jing of Division 2: 86-24-89210074 ext 305, 86-24-89210567, 86-24-89210054
Vice Director Wang Naimin of Division 2: 86-24-89210074 ext 310
Team 2 of Division 2: 86-24-89210184 ext 382
Group 1 Leader of Team 2 of Division 2:: Yang XX

Liujiawopu Village Committee: 86-416-3498008

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