I am 52 years old. Simply because I practice Falun Gong, I was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor education at Liaoyuan Labor Camp. While under a great deal of pressure and in excruciating pain, I was forced to write a "repentance statement" against my will, agreeing to not practice the exercises while in the labor camp. About one month later, I once again became clearheaded and wrote a "solemn declaration." I announced that all the statements I signed while under persecution and that were against Falun Dafa are now null and void, and that I would continue to firmly practice Falun Dafa. After this, the police treated me even more harshly. The director of the "education branch," whose name is Kong, called another practitioner named Zhao Yan, and myself to his office.

First he beat us with his fist, used the electric shock baton on us, and then fiercely kicked us. He verbally abused us all the while, and the torture lasted for over an hour. Another director named Hou was in the room at the time. In the afternoon, Zhao Yan and myself were summoned to the office of the "education branch" again. At that time director Kong, Hou, and another policeman were in the room. After Hou admonished us, Kong shocked my face and head with the electric baton , causing my mouth to bleed. He continued to kick my body with his boots and strike my stomach with his knee. He smashed my head with his elbow many times, causing me to feel dizzy. He did this until he was tired and then went off to bed.

On the morning of April 6th, the policemen of the third branch called me to their room. The leader's name was Han and there were about five or six others in the room. I saw that Zhao Yan was being tortured on the side. Han forced me to take off my jacket and trousers, which only left me wearing an undershirt and underpants. He then forced me to bend over with my hands holding the desk. Han grasped the whip with his two hands, and lashed it hard against my body. I endured only 5 blows before I fell to the ground, feeling excruciating pain. A bloody cut appeared after each lashing, and he lashed me a total of 15 times. The most agonizing lash was one against my neck. I was stunned at once when it struck me. Later, they even locked me up in the iron cage of the guardhouse, feeding me only two meals a day that consisted of half a piece of corn bread and a few small pickles. After three days of this, I could only lay on my stomach to sleep, but could not turn my body.