(Clearwisdom.net April 16 report)

In mid March, Liaoyuan City Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province made a false report that all detained Falun Gong practitioners had given up practicing Falun Gong and the rate of transformation was a hundred percent. This is completely false and a total fabrication. In gross misrepresentation, they call the cruel violence they delivered such as beating, electric shock, corporal punishment and sleep deprivation used to force Falun Gong practitioners give up their beliefs as "influencing, educating and rehabilitating."

Since May 2000, the Falun Gong practitioners detained in Liaoyuan Forced Labor Camp have been persecuted to varying degrees. The people in charge who execute the orders violated the law, conducting frenzied violence on kind Falun Gong practitioners, attempting to force practitioners to give up their belief. They stripped off practitioners' clothes, used heavy sticks, boards, rope, plastic hoses, metal pipe, wire cable, electric batons and other weapons to brutally torture Falun Gong practitioners who don't hit back while being beating or cursed. Liaoyuan City Forced Labor Camp has caused at least one death by torture and several serious injuries. (See example No. 4)

1. In May 2000, all illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners had to work all day and were tortured by guards at night. Some were beaten, some received corporal punishment, and some were deprived of sleep for the whole night. Qu Hongkui became handicapped from beatings to his right knee.

2. Liu Jingrong in Unit 3 was tortured badly. Exhausted after doing labor all day, at night, the guards still forced him to lie on the cement floor of the corridor with his face down, and ordered the prisoners on duty sit on his emaciated body till dawn.

3. Zhang Weixi in Unit 1, Liu Fuan and Qu Hongkui in Unit 4 dug ditches all day and were tied up at night.

4. In June 2000, eleven Falun Gong practitioners were collected in the intensive unit. To prevent them from practicing, at night, guards either forced practitioners to bow (the corporal punishment called "Flying Swallow"), beat them with boards and hoses, or tied them on the heating pipes, bars on the windows or doorframes. Liu Jiankun was very weak from torture, but was still beaten until he had two broken ribs. They continued to force him to work during the day, and he was eventually tortured to death.

5. In September, eight practitioners who firmly adhered to their beliefs were to be released soon, but the guards resumed the brutal torture against these practitioners. Later that month, they used metal pipes to frenziedly beat these eight practitioners from 8:30am to 11am. Some practitioners were injured, some became handicapped, some passed out on the floor and some were locked in iron cages.

6. At the end of September, they started another round of intense persecution. Zhang Weixi's head was beaten until his face swelled up and was unrecognizable. He could not stand or sit, and could hardly bear the pain in his chest. Hospital examination revealed that he had several broken ribs. Qu Hongkui's right middle finger bled continuously after the fingernail was smashed off after being beaten with a metal pipe. His jawbone was dislocated, making it very difficult for him to eat. Liu Ruisheng, Zhang Chunzhi and others were shocked with electric batons until they were covered with injuries. Zhang Weixi, Liu Ruisheng, Liu Fuan, Li Changshan and others were still being illegally detained beyond their terms of one to three months.

7. In the beginning of March 2001, the directors and guards repeated this abuse against seven Falun Gong practitioners who firmly adhered to their beliefs. They took Liu Qinghua and other practitioners' clothes off, hit them on the back with wooden boards, and violently shocked them with electric batons. Liu Qinghua was badly injured from the shock treatment.

8. In the first ten days of April, the guards used ropes, cables, electric batons and other weapons to brutally beat six practitioners, including Yin Hongjiang, Zhang Yongjiu, and Liu Quanxing, simply because they declared their will to firmly practice Dafa. Zhang Yongjiu lost consciousness several times during the beatings and was then locked in the iron cage.

Later, the guards sent those practitioners who firmly adhered to their beliefs to Changtu County, Liaoning Province for forced labor.

At the end of March, several Falun Gong practitioners were secretly abducted to Liaoyuan Forced Labor Camp from Jilin City. Under the ongoing violation of human rights practiced in Liaoyuan Forced Labor Camp, their fates are even bleaker . We call on all kind people to expose the atrocities conducted in Liaoyuan Forced Labor Camp and stop the killing of kind people. We hope that people will give their attention to those Falun Gong practitioners who are being illegally detained.