(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Liqing and Zhang Surong (both female) are Dafa practitioners in Lincheng County of Hebei Province. They were followed by plainclothes police officers on March 12, 2003, while they were clarifying the facts of Falun Gong to the residents of Ciyao Village that is on the border of Neiqiu County. Later, they were arrested by the police from Lincheng County Police Department. Policeman Gao Lifeng from the Political Security Section of the Police Departmentácolluded witháFeng Shuqun of the county "610 office" imposing pressures on the higher authorities of both Wang Liqing's work unit, the Lincheng County Education and Athletic Bureau, and Zhang Surong's work unit, the Lincheng County Public Heath Bureau. Both failed to extort 2000 Yuan from them and force them to provide an "assurance" [agreement not to practice Falun Gong or appeal for Falun Gong].áTherefore, on March 14, 2003, they transferred the twoáDafa practitioners to a brainwashing class at the "Law Education Center" of Xingtai Cityáfor brainwashing. Wang Liqing and Zhang Surong are now in a very difficult situation. Their parents have been deeply hurt and they are in great sorrow. We hope Dafa practitioners who read this news to help them break away from the vicious persecution, enable them to return to the immense current of Dafa practitioners clarifying the facts and saving the beings.

Gao Lifeng and Feng Shuqun are responsible for the recent escalation of the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Lincheng County. These two people spend all their energy on persecuting Dafa practitioners and they do not believe the universal principle that goodness will be rewarded and evil will receive its karmic retribution. They also do not listen to repeated appeals from Dafa practitioners to stop their wrongdoing. We now disclose their evil acts to the public to let them face public trial.

Telephone numbers of responsible parties and individuals (country and area code: 86-319)
Gao Lifeng of Political Security Section: 7079088 (home)
Feng Shuqun of Lincheng County "610 Office": 7166218 (home)
Lincheng County Police Department: 7132369
Political Security Sectionáof the Police Department: 7132381
Lincheng County "610 Office": 7182610
Lincheng County Education and Athletic Bureau: 7191199
Lincheng County Public Heath Bureau: 7162251
Liu Changzhi, the head of Lincheng County Public Heath Bureau: 7163026 (home)
Li Qingshan, associate head of Lincheng County Police Department: 7161638 (home)
Wang Jianhai, associate head of Lincheng County Education and Athletic Bureau: 7191138 (home)

April 14, 2003