(1) One day a Dafa disciple, a 60-year-old woman, was posting Dafa truth materials, when a police officer discovered her and grabbed her by the hand. He said, "I have finally caught you." The Dafa disciple did not panic at all. While sending forth righteous thoughts, she turned her head slowly, looked at the police officer in the eye and said calmly, "I am clarifying the truth to people, let go of my hand." The police officer was shocked and released her hand immediately. Pointing to Dafa banners, the Dafa disciple told the police officer, "You stand here, read the banner carefully. Read it slowly, I need to post them in other areas too." After saying that, the Dafa disciple walked away. The police officer stood there reading the truth clarification materials.

(2) One day in a city in Northeast China, a "610 office" vehicle passed a police station. They noticed that there was a female Dafa disciple posting Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials on the front door of the police station. The "610 office" head called the police chief of that police station. On the phone, the head of the "610 office" was furious, and accused the chief of being ignorant while Falun Gong practitioners posted banners on their front door, and yelled at him before hanging up the phone. The police chief sent a few police officers to the front gate and found that the woman was still posting Dafa banners. They kidnapped her and put her in a police vehicle and drove her to a detention center.

On the way to the detention center, the police chief told the Dafa disciple that she was too daring, even posting Dafa materials on his door in broad daylight. "Did you ever think about the consequence?" asked the police chief. While sending forth righteous thoughts, she said, "What I did was to let people know the truth." She was thinking that what she was doing was the most righteous thing, and she would not cooperate with the evil, and that the evil does not have the right to test her through persecution. The police chief then asked her if she was bold enough to post Dafa materials anywhere. After she answered yes, the chief told the driver to go to a place. After the car came to a stop, the chief pointed to the wall of a building, and asked, "Do you dare to post your materials on that wall?" Without any hesitation, she picked up the remaining materials and stepped out of the car, and posted Dafa materials on the wall of that building. The police then escorted her back to the police car. The chief asked her if she knew what this place was, and told her that the building was the "610 office." "Are you afraid of it?" asked the chief. "There is nothing to be afraid of. I can go anywhere to rectify the Fa" she answered calmly. All the policemen in the car were saying that she was good. The chief asked again, "If the '610 office' staff asks you who sent you there, are you going to tell them?" "I won't tell them. Everything we do is to clarify the truth. I will not accept the persecution that was forced on me, nor will I betray the good people who tell me to do good things" said the Dafa disciple. After hearing this, the chief told the police who arrested her, "Release her, let her go." The Dafa disciple opened the door and got out of the police car. Immediately she joined the people on the street.

With strong belief in Master and Dafa, and the wisdom given by Dafa, this female Dafa disciple walked away from such a dangerous situation unharmed using righteous thoughts.