The Red Cross Mental Hospital in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province has illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners since 2000. In August 2002, over twenty Falun Gong practitioners were illegally detained at the city detention center. They conducted a group hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. The police transferred over ten of them to the mental hospital where they received forced injections of three bottles of salt water per day. If the practitioners refused the injections, they were injected with drugs. After the prolonged torture, the practitioners' bodies became very weak. Seeing that they were close to death, they added a few vitamins to the forced injections. Later, they were brutally force-fed. The chief of the mental hospital Yang Xianrong, his wife Liao Mingfang, and his relative Liu Jun, collaborated to tie Dafa practitioners to the bed. Nurse Sun Li and Song Ying, assisted them to insert the tubes into the nose to pour the food in, often causing bleeding in the nose and mouth. Furthermore, they left the tubes inserted for prolonged periods of time, and when the tubes were removed they were black.

Currently the following Falun Gong practitioners are still detained in the mental hospital:

Diao Xiuzhu, male, born on December 18, 1964, from Mengyang County, Pengzhou City. He is an accountant in the Yinhe New Materials Ltd of Chongqing City.

Zeng Qingfang, female, from Mengyang County, Pengzhou City

Qing Guangrong, female, 40 years old, from Jiulong Town, Pengzhou City

Chen Fang, born on January 13, 1979, from Shabai Village, Jiulong Town, Pengzhou City

Xu Dequn, Chen Fang's mother, 49 years old

Li Yongxian, female, 42 years old, from Longfeng County, Pengzhou City

Cai Daofeng, female, from Nanyang Town, Pengzhou City

Zhang Yuju, female, from Nanyang Town, Pengzhou City

Wang Yiying, female, from Li'an Village, Pengzhou City

The following Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in the mental hospital and tortured in the past (the following is only a partial list ):

Liu Bangxiu, female, from Zhuwa County, Pengzhou City. In December 2002, as Liu Bangxiu's son was very sick, in order to get her back to take a final look at her son, her family spent over 2000 Yuan plus a house-buying certificate to release her on bail.

Jiang Qunhua, female, over 60 years old, comes from Mengyang County, Pengzhou City. She was released because of illness in March 2003.

Qian Bangyou, male, from the 12th squad of the Yangliu Village, Nanyang Town, Pengzhou City, was born on August 18, 1967. On April 1, 2003, the hospital asked his only family member, his 73 year old father, to take him home due to his severe physical condition due to torture. He vomited blood to such an extent that he could no longer be force-fed. The hospital also forced his father to write a statement declaring "if Qian Youbang died, his death had no relationship with the '610 Office', no relationship with the Municipal Detention Center, no relationship with the local government and no relationship with the mental hospital."

He Xiaoqin, Liu Zhaoxiang (from Leixin Village, Pengzhou City), Yang Qiru, Jiang Daili (from Xinxing Town, Pengzhou City), Zhou Shanhui (from Junle County, Pengzhou City), Zhou Guanghua (from Aoping County, Pengzhou City), Shen Bing (from Baiju County, Pengzhou City), Chen Guifen (from Pengzhou Electrics Power Ltd.), You Quanfu (from Hengda Medical Manufactory in Chengdu City), Wu Wenguang (from Tianxing Lighting Company in Pengzhou) and others were also detained in the mental hospital in the past.

The following is a list of responsible persons for the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Pengzhou Red Cross Mental Hospital:

Yang Xianrong, male, Chief of the Red-Cross Mental Hospital. He is from Fulin City, Sichuan Province. He was born on March 2, 1950. He graduated from nursing school, and served in the army.

Liao Mingfen, Yang Xianrong's wife, born in 1949. She is the Assistant to the Chief of the hospital and a member of the local political consulting committee.

Huang Jin, cashier of the hospital. He is from Mianyang City. He is an adopted son of Yang Xianrong.

Liu Jun, driver. He is the husband of Liao Mingfen's sister.

Sun Li, a supervisor of nurses. She is over 20 years old, from Pengzhou.

Huang Xiulan, doctor. She is over 30 years old, worked in Pengzhou Coal Ltd. before.

Song Ying, nurse. She is over 20 years old. Her mother was Liao Mingfen's classmate at school.|

Li Li, doctor, she is over 20 years old.

Wang Ling, nurse. She is from Dujiang City, Sichuan Province. Her aunt was Liao Mingfen's classmate at school.

Xie Luqun, she was a laid off worker from the Nitrogen Fertilizers Factory. Her husband is working in the local court in Pengzhou City.