Jiang's regime has finally admitted that it has failed to control and deal with the outbreak of atypical pneumonia in a timely manner. The admission was made under the circumstances that the Chinese government is no longer able to hide the truth and the virus has spread to the rest of the world. The Chinese government is facing tremendous pressure from other countries, including canceling visits to China and other diplomatic activities, as well as discouraging travel to China. However, regarding the Chinese official report, two prominent magazines, the German Stars and American Time, both pointed out that it still does not truly reflect the serious situation in China. Time published a statement by a retired doctor in Beijing. It indicates that there is a total of 60 infected patients and 7 deaths in Beijing's 309th Hospital alone, one of the major hospitals treating SARS. This number largely exceeds the Chinese official report that there have only been 4 deaths in Beijing. Why does the Chinese government purposely hide the truth and lie to its people and the whole world in regard to such a serious life and death issue?

We can see the "tradition" of the Chinese government hiding the truth and lying to its people from many historical examples. During the three years of natural disasters in the1960's, there were more than 20 million people who died from famine based on a study by foreign experts. However, in China, all the news and media claimed that the government and the Party's policies were always right. Several billion people dared not say one word about the lies under the high pressure, let alone talk about the true situation of the famine.

Fourteen years ago, billions of people all over the world watched the Tiananmen massacre. They saw the bloody scene of the Chinese army shooting unarmed students and citizens who peacefully appealed and horrific scenes of tanks running over people. However, the government spokesman claimed that no one died in Tiananmen Square. With the strong support of its populace, western society started economic sanctions on China and allowed students to seek asylum in their countries.

During the past several years, the Chinese government has brutally persecuted Falun Gong and its practitioners. Using propaganda and the media, the regime has fabricated many lies to stir up hatred toward Falun Gong and blocked the truth about Falun Gong. Millions of people practice Falun Gong just to improve themselves and to be better people. This should benefit the country and the people. However, Jiang launched a nationwide campaign of persecution and slander. According to a report by an Australian journalist, more than half of the detainees in the labor camps in China are Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, the Chinese government also formed the "610 Office" at every level from the central to local governments to specifically persecute Falun Gong. Large amounts of money are being spent to carry out the persecution.

According to some other sources, there are more than 100,000 Falun Gong practitioners being detained. Many of them have been tortured to death, including 664 documented cases, while the actual figure is most likely much higher. The country has spent one-fourth of its financial resources on persecuting Falun Gong.

Cases of deception like the above take place frequently. We can observe that the Chinese people are gradually awakening. The rest of the world is also paying closer attention to the most populous country in the world. The day will soon come when the perpetrators are exposed for what they are and receive their due punishment.