On April 14, practitioners in the United States delivered documents to a US federal court citing evidence of crimes committed by the Communist Chinese leader Jiang Zemin and his government's "610 Office." Appropriate documents following legal procedure for a lawsuit were also submitted. In order to support this lawsuit for justice against Jiang, many practitioners outside China have been sending forth righteous thoughts together every night and on the weekends. As practitioners in China, we should form a powerful, indestructible whole body together with practitioners outside China to support the lawsuit with our strong righteous thoughts.

Regarding this issue, I would like to discuss two thoughts.

1. Understanding the importance of the lawsuit from the perspective of the Fa

Viewed superficially from the aspect of everyday people, the lawsuit against Jiang seeks to punish vicious people using the laws of this world. As practitioners, however, we should not view things just from this aspect, but we should also think of it from the perspective of the Fa. Only by doing so can we avoid omissions and keep our thoughts righteous. This issue involves not only practitioners outside China, but all practitioners as a whole.

The most important thing that we should do currently is to save all sentient beings. The trial will certainly shock the vicious people, lessen the persecution of practitioners, and reduce losses to the Fa, which would in turn would save more sentient beings. Jiang's trial will also be an opportunity for more Chinese people to see the nature of the evil regime. No matter if they are government officers, business people, students, or soldiers, they will all be shocked that Jiang could actually be on trial in the US. They will have a chance to think about how brutally Falun Dafa practitioners are persecuted. This is a chance for them to reposition themselves.

As for practitioners in China, there is an aspect that needs special attention: that is, for us not to participate in this event with human emotions. This is very important. In the special environment of China, many people are persecuted. Some people feel that Jiang is sick and disgusting. That is not wrong from the perspective of everyday human beings, but as Fa-rectification practitioners, we should be righteous about our each and every thought. When we are doing things with emotions, our thoughts are not pure. We should support the lawsuit with only the purest righteous thoughts. Based on the principles of the Fa, I think that the lawsuit against Jiang is a manifestation of the dignity of the Fa, which is boundless in its compassion but also maintains a solemn aspect for the destroyers. All of this will be recorded in history.

2. Supporting the lawsuit with strong righteous thoughts by clarifying the truth according to each practitioner's situation

Some practitioners outside China have increased their frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts. As practitioners in China, we should also show our support. This is a battle between justice and evil, and evil will not be willing to confess its failure. Therefore we should try our best. Of course, every person has different amounts of time available. It is impossible to ask every practitioner to send forth righteous thoughts constantly. In the coming two weeks, we hope that, whenever time allows, practitioners can spend more time eliminating any interference in regard to this lawsuit and in clarifying the truth regarding this trial. Truth will eliminate interference from everyday people's minds.

The above is my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out any of my mistakes.