I would like to share with my fellow practitioners some of the things I experienced during sending forth righteous thoughts.

In November 2002 while we sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions, I was given an opportunity by our most merciful Teacher to witness a spectacular scene from another dimension. I saw many, many people, so many that I could not number, line up in rows and rows, longitudinally, laterally, and cris-crossed, extending far into the horizon, as far as the eye could see. Even the children were lining up orderly in rows: the boys clad in double-breasted garments, and girls had their hair braided. Everyone was standing solemnly. Deep in my sending forth righteous thoughts, and despite the howling wind and soaking rain, I felt truly a part of the surrounding field. At that moment, I could sense the power of righteousness shaking the whole universe.

As part of our daily activities, we regularly send forth righteous thoughts. I have noticed that some practitioners occasionally fall asleep. It is understandable that many of us are tired. However, if we realized the sacredness of sending forth righteous thoughts, we would not become slack in any circumstances. The body of a practitioner is connected to other spatial dimensions. If we fall asleep in this dimension, then our beings in all other dimensions, including all sentient beings under our cover could have fallen asleep as well. Hence, during the group sending forth righteous thoughts, we could be providing shelter to the evil we want to eliminate instead. When attacked by fatigue during sending forth righteous thoughts, I suggest that we put forth our best effort to counter it; we could try to do it with eyes open.

Let us constantly discipline ourselves and measure up to a practitioner's standard everytime during sending forth righteous thoughts, and do our best on the three things Teacher would like us to keep up with, so that we will be responsible to the Fa, to all of our sentient beings, which means also to ourselves.