(Clearwisdom.net) According to reports from M2 Presswire on April 14, United Nations Commission on Human Rights continues with consideration of civil and political rights.

According to the report, Karen Parker, of International Educational Development, condemned numerous States for having used the fight against terrorism to carry out repressive policies against domestic opposition. In the case of China, the persecution of practitioners of the Falun Gong was among the worst such violations of human rights.

Adrian Barattnychy of Freedom House, said that sixteen countries were included in this year's list of most repressive regimes. China was in the list. The Freedom House also regularly monitored the persecution of religious minorities in a number of countries, including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan.

D. LONG, of Association for the Prevention of Torture, said the absolute character of the prohibition of torture was today seriously challenged. Many States continued to use torture and to submit persons to inhuman conditions of detention and to break the customary principle of non-refoulement. Recently several States had tried to justify these acts, notably in the name of fighting terrorism.

States could not on the one side sign and ratify international conventions and on the other side fail not only to take measures to implement them but moreover violate them. All States were urged to take effective measures to implement their international obligations and to stop torture. States also were urged to give priority to the ratification of the new Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.