Part One

At about 10:20 a.m. on March 3, 2003, Policeman Wang Quan of the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province shouted obscenities, for no reason, at Falun Dafa practitioner Fuchuan, who is from Tailai County, Heilongjiang Province. At that time other practitioners in the room asked him "not to swear." However, Wang Xuan did not stop, but began beating the practitioners. Dafa practitioners in the room all demanded in unison to stop the beating. Then, all the prison policemen came and began using force to drag the practitioners out of the room, into the corridor.

Practitioners who suffered from abuse while in detention:

Fuchuan: Tailai County, Heilongjiang Province

Liu Mingshuang: Nianzishan District, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province

Kong Xiangfeng: Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province

Cai Changjun: Kedong County, Heilongjiang Province

Sha Zhaojin: Tahe County, Heilongjiang Province

The five Dafa practitioners listed above were beaten by the police for over 20 minutes. The policemen knocked them down to the ground and then kicked their chests, ribs, and heads with brutal force. As a result, practitioner Sha Zhaojin lost consciousness, and suffered a 20 mm. (0.8 inch) bloody cut on his forehead. The other four practitioners suffered from bruises on their eye-sockets, serious congestion in their eyes, and bruises on their lower back, legs, and chest. After the beating they could not on their own. The Deputy Head of the No. 4 Detachment, Han Shaokun, even openly directed policemen to beat up Falun Dafa practitioners. The policemen who joined in the beating included Han Shaokun, Wang Xuan, Huang Dianlin, Yang Xuefeng, Lu Jingfeng, and Tong Zhonghua. In the past, Han has incited policemen to beat up practitioners many times.

At the time of the beating, the director of the Political Department of the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp, and other leading members from the Administrative Office, were at the site where the beatings occurred. However no one came forward to stop the beatings. Sha Zhaojin and Kong Xiangfeng lost consciousness for more than 30 minutes but no one seemed to care about it. After the beatings, the policemen ordered inmates Yang Xiaodong and Hu Zhenlong to drag the practitioners into a guardroom (a place where the policemen used an steel cage or an steel chair to lock up Dafa practitioners). Sha Zhaojin and Kong Xiangfeng were locked to the steel chair. Their hands were locked behind their backs and to the back of the chair, and their feet were locked to the legs of the chair. They were restrained in this manner for more than 7 hours.

After the incident, the Falun Dafa practitioners being held there asked the labor camp officials to send the five injured practitioners to the hospital for check ups and treatment. However, the prison policemen adopted delay tactics, while the leading members of the detachment refused to meet with Dafa practitioners. As of now, the five practitioners still have not been checked and their wounds have still not healed. The vicious policemen often mentioned, "To fix you up is just like playing a game." Policemen Huang Dianlin and Wang Xuan often said, "Nobody would care if you were beaten to death," "This is the policy of the country," "Even if you want to sue us you would not win." This clearly shows that the policemen of the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp disregard the law and cruelly deprive people's basic human rights.

Part Two

In the middle of April 2002, Fuyu Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province handcuffed and hung Falun Dafa practitioners by their wrists for from 30 days to as many as 120 consecutive days. In of the most serious cases, the Dafa practitioner died after being hung up for so long.

Since April 2, 2002, policemen Huang Dianlin, Wang Quan and Tong Zhonghua hung Dafa practitioners to the head of the bunk bed which is about 2 meters (about 6.5 feet) high and also changed the positions to handcuff the practitioners behind their back so that their hands and body could not move. Besides this, the policemen insulted the human dignity of the Dafa practitioners with all kinds of foul language, and also taunted the practitioners. As for the handcuffing and hanging time, it varied from ten to fifteen hours per day. Even time permitted to use the toilet is strictly limited. Except for meal times these practitioners were handcuffed and hung continually, all day, every day. Because of the prolonged hanging, the Dafa practitioners' legs became very swollen; some were even so serious that they had difficulty walking. Those who were persecuted by being hung by their wrists include Fu Zhiyu, Zhou Shuyou, Luo Yongquan, Liu Jingming, Huag Liyan, Chen Yanbo, Zhang Huabin, Wang Gguan Changan, Chen Jihui, Zhen Yachen, Wu Hongjun, Cihai, and Lan Hongjun.

Because practitioner Zhou Shuyou refused to cooperate with the persecution, policemen Huang Dianlin, Wang Quan, and Tong Zhonghua tightened Zhou's handcuffs and tried to turn around the handcuffs which caused Zhou's wrists to bleed. The evil policemen also directed a group of approximately six inmates to hang Zhou to the head of a bunk bed. Those who had experienced this type of hanging kindly pointed out several times that what they were doing was against the law, however, Huang, Wang and Tong said, "To deal with you people we do not need to abide by law. We just want to fix you up in whatever way we like."

After Huang Dianlin injured Dafa practitioner Wang Pingfa's arm, Huang, Wang, and others asked the criminal offenders to make false testimony, and to fabricate lies to trick the leaders of the detachment into extending the practitioners' terms in the forced labor camp. The policemen also branded the practitioners who advised them not to persecute Dafa practitioners with a charge of "taking the lead in making trouble." Dafa practitioners Fu Zhining, Zhou Shuyou, Zhen Yachen, Luo Yongquan, and some others were hung for more than 120 days, then had their terms extended from one to three months.

The policemen clearly knew that Dafa practitioner Fu Zhiyu suffered from high blood pressure and heart problems, owing to the prolonged persecution, however the Number 4 Detachment did not provide treatment. Instead, policemen Huang and Wang handcuffed him and others to the heat radiator which was about 200 mm. above the ground. Owing to this repeated torture Fu Zhiyu died of cerebral hemorrhage after the policemen removed his handcuffs.

(Ref: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/3/13/33244.html)

In a separate case in April 2001, six Dafa practitioners were sent to the Fuyu Detention Center and illegally held for more than a year for not cooperating with the persecution in the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp. By the end of June 2002, Dafa practitioner Wang Baoxian (from Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province) died from the torture.

(Ref: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/8/30/25972.html)

Not long after, another practitioner, Zhang Xiaochun died of torture.

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We appeal to all kind-hearted people around the world to recognize the evil nature of the persecution by Jiang's political gang of scoundrels, reveal its persecution of kind Dafa practitioners, and call for an end of this unprecedented bloody persecution.

Heilongjiang Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp:
Office Phone: 0451 -- 2424046

Section Leader Yang of Administrative Section: 0451 -- 2424093

Head of the Forced Labour Camp: Liu Yongyi (male)
Deputy Head of the camp: Chen Guiqing
Political Instructor: Ning Lixin, Deputy Political Instructor: Niu Xiaoyun

Head of the No. 1 Detachment: Zhao Wei
Political Instructor: Sun Baolian
Deputy Head: Zhang Yusu and Liu Wei
Supervisors: Song Zhiyu (male), Zhang Xu (male), Wang Dan (senior), Zhang Chunjing, Liu Ming and Zhang Liwei

Head of the No. 2 Detachment: Li Quanming
Political Instructor: Zhang Li
Deputy Head: Liu Zhujie and Wang Limei
Supervisors: Yingna, Wang Bing, Wang Dan (junior), Wang Yinghui, Du Xiaopo, Supervisor Dong (male), Deng Yinlu and He Qiuhong