(Clearwisdom.net) The old forces have made many, many arrangements. From everyone's individual environment, family factors, from the time of our birth through adulthood, in the formation of our temperaments, thinking, concepts, and so on, there is nothing that is not arranged by the old forces.

Their motives in so doing are, firstly, their so-called offer to let us acknowledge, in this Fa-rectification period, their arrangements and their tests, in order to "temper" us to maturity. Secondly, within this period they could make use of the special characteristics that they had arranged for us to smoothly control us to completely follow the requirements that they had taken pains to meticulously arrange at every level so as not to throw into disorder what they had arranged; thus they achieve their aims.

As Dafa practitioners, we know that we must not acknowledge anything that the old forces have arranged. We do not recognize the old forces. This must be reflected in our actions and conscious thoughts. Because the arrangements by the old forces are so meticulous, they are not easily discernable. We can therefore easily become complacent and unintentionally or unconsciously conform to the arrangements of the old forces.

All of us have our own concepts and temperaments. Only those who cultivate like us are able to alter them. Because we are immersed in the midst of humanity, if we do not study the Fa well, we can easily utilize our concepts to deal with problems and adversely affect our work in Dafa. To do well, we must overcome them and alter them.

Sometimes we hear fellow practitioners say that they like this, dislike that, or that during the day they cannot study the Fa well and must study at night; or within a certain period, they do not feel like reading the books, but only wish to listen to the audio tapes, and so forth and so on. Is this the correct way we should be thinking? Can these be arranged by the old forces?

If we are blocked and restrained to the extent that we cannot even study the Fa diligently because of our individual sentiments, concepts of goodness or evil, etc., we will no longer be able to smoothly cooperate and coordinate with fellow practitioners in our Dafa work. This is to submit to the arrangements of the old forces. Dafa practitioners must "break through individualism," break through the individualism arranged by the old forces, see through them, not acknowledge them--then we can achieve a new life within the Fa. Our every thought and consideration must come from the Fa. When doing Dafa work and in the manner we treat Fa-rectification, we must have this clear and sober understanding.

We must pay close attention to our every thought and consideration. We must be aware of breaking through the forms of base thoughts, sentiments, concepts, laziness and desire for ease and comfort and so on. It is crucial that we are not only cultivators in society, but we must have correct expressions of righteousness, as these are of utmost importance to our being clearly and consciously assimilated into the Fa, and in the validation of the Fa.

In " Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference" Teacher stated: "Speaking from another angle, my disciples, when the old forces are able to do what they want to do, isn't that because you've silently consented to what they want to do?" "Now since you're practitioners, if in this tribulation you can manage to not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, then you've made it through. And those who haven't done well, in essence, aren't you acknowledging the old forces' arrangements? Once you acknowledge them isn't it like you're part of their group? Because you haven't done well amidst the persecution it's caused instability among the practitioners and aggravated the persecution, so aren't you, too, adding fuel to the fire and helping the evil? Negate them, completely negate everything of the old forces!"

Let us be more steadfast and wiser in the last portion in our path of Fa-rectification.