(Clearwisdom.net) Where I work, everyone knows that I practice Falun Dafa. Many of them have even read Zhuan Falun.

Our assistant manager often asks me to bring her all of the Dafa books and our Master's recent articles. Everyday we talk about everything happening in the world and each of us shares our own point of view. Some talk from a deeper level, while others talk in a relatively shallow way. All of my colleagues hold a good attitude toward Falun Gong. They all saw a video that clarified the facts made by our fellow practitioners, and brought up some quite valuable opinions.

Recently for a period of time, I couldn't help but spend a lot of time making phone calls for the purpose of doing things to clarifying the truth about Dafa while at work. As a result, our assistant manager reported it to our general manager and I was scolded on the matter and told that phones in the office could only be used for business purposes. (I felt that the assistant manager knew very clearly why I did this.) My first reaction to the scolding at that time was, "I should go and find another job right away and leave this place. Indeed, what she said was correct. The office is where we conduct business. I, however, could never stop what I am currently doing to clarify the truth."

It was a very simple conclusion that I needed to find another job which would allow me to do things for Dafa freely. After I handed in the resignation letter, all my colleagues were very upset as we had a good relationship among each other and it felt like a big family working together. Everyone was waiting and hoped I would change my mind over the weekend. My husband, reacted unusually; he advised me quietly and gently that I should think it over again as people at this workplace were unusually nice to me. He also said that he himself would not necessarily get along well with colleagues in a similar working environment.

On Monday while everyone was on tenterhooks awaiting my decision about whether I would to work there, I said determinedly, "I would like to work this out, but I would like to continue to clarify the truth of Dafa."

We have a very sweet-natured secretary who does not practice cultivation. She, however, gives me support in doing Dafa work at any time. Even when I am sending forth righteous thoughts, she will keep the surrounding environment quiet. (She was the first one to sign the anti-Article 23 petition.) She came and sat in front of me and started to persuade me and urge me to see that the people surrounding me are all good.

Even now I have no idea whether it was she who really knew this deeply, or whether our Master used her mouth to point things out for me. I started to feel guilty. I came to realize that it was not my assistant manager who tried to stop me from clarifying the truth and harmed herself, but it was I who had harmed her. These remaining attachments of individuality and pride were preventing me from upgrading and improving myself.

The people around me are very glad that I did not leave them. I however felt even more ashamed about this. It made me see and realize more that there would be something even worse or unimaginable that could have happened if I had left. What attitude would they hold toward Dafa? How would they view us practitioners? I often think of our Master taking everything into account for all sentient beings in countless levels and taking care of each sentient being at each moment, including the tiniest particles. And how could we harm people around us when doing such magnificent things? Our compassion should be shown to all levels of ordinary people in the universe.

Now I continue to do Dafa work as before. However, I not only think of what I am doing but also take care of people around me and pay attention to their concerns. I do not make them feel unhappy or treat them as an inconvenience. After all, they equally do what they consider important at their own level. I hope to make up for the damage I may have caused to my relationship with my coworkers and do even better to improve the environment.