At a little past 2 p.m. local time in Chicago on April 14, 2003, plaintiff's attorney Terri Marsh, representing Falun Gong practitioners in the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and the "610 Office", arrived at the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois in downtown Chicago. She delivered documents citing evidence of crimes by Jiang and the "610 Office" and other documents required by the legal procedure, successfully concluding this step of the judicial process.

Meanwhile, some Dafa disciples from Chicago and surrounding areas held a large-scale activity in the square in front of the U.S. District Court, exposing the inhuman crimes committed by Jiang and the "610 Office" against Falun Gong practitioners and raising the public's awareness of the tragedy happening in China. Dafa disciples have sent forth righteous thoughts as a group continuously in front of Chicago's Chinese Consulate for three straight days, eliminating elements from other dimensions attempting to interfere with the lawsuit.

Last October, Jiang received a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago when he was visiting US, and that was when the lawsuit got its first exposure. A spokesman of Chinese Diplomatic Department immediately denied the existence of the lawsuit. According to an AP report on October 24, a spokesman of Chinese Diplomatic department denied the existence of the lawsuit, and claimed that Falun Gong was lying. When the AP reporter questioned closely about the nature of the denial, the spokesman flinched. When the reporter stated in detail that it was in Chicago the lawsuit had been brought and legal documents had been filed, the spokesman said the reporter's "understanding was correct."

According to oversea media, this court case has brought a major shock to Zhongnanhai [the Chinese central government]. The Chinese government is currently using diplomatic channels to tell the United States and other countries "Jiang Zemin is willing to pay any price to prevent this case from being prosecuted." The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requests that the United States use the clause of diplomatic immunity for state leaders to stop the case. According to the government officials of some countries, Chinese diplomats were "very nervous" when they conveyed Beijing's opinion on the U.S. lawsuit against Jiang. They were worried about making any mistakes. They read the official documents word by word to convey Bejing's "position". According to private information from an official in the Chinese Embassy, orders have been given for the Embassy to report all court proceedings and media coverage related to the lawsuit against Jiang directly to Beijing, because the standing committee members of the CCP need to "review" all such information immediately.

Since this March, Dafa practitioners living outside of China collected a package of truth clarification materials about the lawsuit filed against Jiang Zemin and have sent it to presidents, foreign ministers, foreign diplomats, government officials, legal professionals and people from various walks of life in many countries, so they could learn about Jiang Zemin's vicious nature and a series of his crimes through his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China and abroad, and further understand that this persecution is targeted against the conscience of the world's people. (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/4/6/34210.html)

The Chinese dictator absolutely does not represent China or the Chinese people, and he most definitely does not represent the Chinese civilization. On the contrary, this cruel dictator is destroying China, persecuting the kindest group of Chinese people, undermining the Chinese civilization's morality, and threatening the future and interests of the world's people. Bringing a lawsuit against the Chinese dictator is not at all targeting China or the Chinese people, but targeting the person whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people and his accomplices. These basic principles must be made clear.

As the lawsuit against Jiang progresses, Falun Gong practitioners have a deeper understanding of the significance of bringing the lawsuit against him. Right now, the purpose is to uphold justice in the world and punish the evil. It's not only for Dafa practitioners, it's also for the world's people.

In order ensure the smooth progression of the legal procedures over the next two weeks, the daily activity of globally sending forth righteous thoughts to clear away the interference will continue.