[Note: The reference materials posted on this website are written by non-practitioners and do not necessarily represent the position of Falun Gong practitioners.]

Some people have said that everything in the People's Daily is false except for the date. I do not quite agree. The cleverness of one who deceives others is that he can make things hard for people to tell truth from fiction. If every word from the deceiver is false, then it is not too hard for people to recognize, and people will soon take precautions.

However, as we have clearly seen, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is once again lying to Chinese people and the world with respect to the SARS issue.

In fact, as long as people open the history book of the CCP and study it carefully, they will naturally discover that on all major incidents, i.e., those major issues that are related to the existence or collapse of the CCP's systems, CCP would use lies to muddle with the public both home and abroad. For example, it was even so before Communists took over China. At that time, a newspaper called Xinhua Daily, which was the mouthpiece of CCP and published in the areas controlled by then ruling National Party, spoke highly of the democratic systems of the United States. This made a good impression on the authorities of the United States. It was also so during the anti-rightists campaign in the 1950's. Following the land reform and the campaign against the capitalists, CCP motivated all intellectuals in the country to express their opinions to help CCP improve. However, the motivation turned out to a lure to frame the intellectuals. At the end, over 600,000 elite Chinese intellectuals were persecuted. A similar situation occurred during the great famine of the 1960's. Although the famine was indeed caused by human factors (i.e., the wrong policies of the CCP), it was explained as a natural disaster. The famine caused tens of millions of people to die due to starvation, but the news was covered up as if everything carried on normally. Cover-ups again occurred in relation to the "April 5" movement in 1970's and the "June 4" Tiananmen Massacre in 1980's. The cover-ups were in relation to the Falun Gong incidents in the 1990's, and now the SARS issue.

In many minor issues, CCP would mix some truth in with the lies, such that the lies were not more than half of the information they publicized. This enables them to continue duping people. Of course, this is the clever side of the one who deceives. It is also the key to understand why CCP succeeds repeatedly in its swindles.

A western idiom says "once bitten, twice shy." However, why do Chinese people keep being swindled by the CPP and yet still keep coming back for more? Chinese ancestors have said that man dies for wealth and birds die for food, which has in fact pointed out the problem of those being deceived, and why they are willing to be swindled.

For many of those Chinese nationals who claim to inherit ancient civilizations, in their eyes, profits are the only thing they can see. For these people, they are swindled repeatedly by CPP. In the secular world, it is hard for man to avoid the temptation of fame, profit and sentimentality. CCP uses these things as temptations. Only those people who let go of these things will be able to get off the hook.