Noon, April 13, 2003. The plaintiffs' attorney for the genocide lawsuit lodged by the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and their relatives against Jiang Zemin had the first courtroom discussion about the agenda for the next step in the U.S. District Court in Illinois. Photo: The plaintiffs' attorney, Terry Marsh, enters the court.

( Translation of a Chinese-language Epoch Times report from April 13, 2003 in Washington, D.C.:

The Jiang Zemin genocide lawsuit brought by Falun Gong practitioners has passed the courtroom discussion stage, and it has been placed on the agenda in recent days. More legal proceedings will unfold in about two weeks.

It is said that this court case has brought a major shock to Zhongnanhai [the Chinese central government]. The Chinese government is currently using diplomatic channels to tell the United States and other countries "Jiang Zemin is willing to pay any price to prevent this case from being prosecuted." The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requests that the United States use the clause of diplomatic immunity for state leaders to stop the case. According to the government officials of some countries, Chinese diplomats were "very nervous" when they conveyed Beijing's opinion on the U.S. lawsuit against Jiang. They were worried about making any mistakes. They read the official documents word by word to convey Bejing's "position". According to private information from an official in the Chinese Embassy, orders have been given for the Embassy to report all court proceedings and media coverage related to the lawsuit against Jiang directly to Beijing, because the standing committee members of the CCP need to "review" all such information immediately.

Recently, some websites inside China have published an investigative report regarding Jiang's history since the time he joined the CCP. It is extraordinary that this article was allowed to be circulated on the Internet. It is said that an investigative group in the upper hierarchy of the CPP has finished investigating Jiang's entire history. Investigation shows that Jiang played an important role in some incidents throughout the history of the CCP in which the CCP fabricated lies. In addition to the Falun Gong case, these incidents also include "June 4" Tiananmen Massacre, some major economic crimes appearing in China and some incidents related to the Sino-U.S. relationship. Moreover, many places in Jiang's resume that are related to his history in the CCP are fabricated, which have been clearly investigated now. In upper levels inside China, there is a group that is actively seeking to "overthrow Jiang".

News about the lawsuit against Jiang has been spread among all levels of Chinese government officials. Some officials have started "finding a way out" and have secretly organized and collected "files" to prove themselves "innocent", and that they were forced to carry out "610 Office" orders. At present, the "610 Office" is the most powerful organization in China. It is similar to the "Central Committee Cultural Revolution Group" during the great Cultural Revolution period. Its power supersedes the law and the state department system. This group has the power to immediately mobilize the highest resources from the country's intelligence system, the treasury and the police. Jiang directly commands its operations.

After the civil movement in 1989, Ceaucescu of Romania was executed and the Yugoslavian dictator was charged with genocide in an International Court. This news, too, brought major shocks to Zhongnanhai.

Last October, Jiang received a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago when he was visiting US, and that was when the lawsuit got its first exposure. A spokesman of Chinese Diplomatic Department immediately denied the existence of the lawsuit. According to an AP report on October 24, a spokesman of Chinese Diplomatic department denied the existence of the lawsuit, and claimed that Falun Gong was lying. When the AP reporter questioned closely about the nature of the denial, the spokesman flinched. When the reporter stated in detail that it was in Chicago the lawsuit had been brought and legal documents had been filed, the spokesman said the reporter's "understanding was correct."

According to reports on Falun Dafa on April 6, Dafa practitioners living outside of China collected a package of truth clarification materials about the lawsuit filed against Jiang Zemin and have sent it to presidents, foreign ministers, foreign diplomats, government officials, legal professionals and people from various walks of life in many countries, so they could learn about Jiang Zemin's vicious nature and a series of his crimes through his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China and abroad, and further understand that this persecution is targeted against the conscience of the world's people. (see

Articles on show that, as the lawsuit against Jiang progresses, Falun Gong practitioners have a deeper understanding of the significance of bringing the lawsuit against him. Right now, the purpose is to uphold justice in the world and punish the evil. It's not only for Dafa practitioners, it's also for the world's people.

Ms. Xue Hong, a practitioner from Washington, D.C said, "Of course, cultivators don't take personal loss or gain too seriously because we do not judge the value of life based on how people in the world treat us. Then why are we bringing the lawsuit against Jiang? It is because Jiang has systematically persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in a large-scale. The crime he has committed is against the heavenly principles and has turned right into wrong. It is exterminating human conscience."

She holds that, "Jiang is fundamentally destroying the spiritual, moral, and social principles that human beings depend upon to maintain and continue, and annihilating the basic standards set by heaven for being human. Jiang and the "610 offices" are causing reckless damage. Seeing this killing and arson and if we just let it go, then we are indulging the evil to commit crimes in the human world."

Ms. Xue Hong emphasized that bringing Jiang Zemin to justice is a big matter, and will remind everyone to re-evaluate right versus wrong, good versus bad.

Because of the brutal means of the persecution against Falun Gong in China, Falun Gong practitioners in China have risked their lives to provide a great deal of first-hand materials for the lawsuit. Falun Gong practitioners outside China are extensively clarifying the facts to every country, every level of government and people in the society about Jiang's crimes. Ms. Ge Min, a Falun Gong practitioner in Washington D.C. who works in an American insurance company as a senior economist, said, "We are laying dragnets that the evil Jiang has no way to escape."