A few months ago I started a new job. At the beginning, my workloads were light and sometimes when I did not have any work to do, I usually worked on Dafa activities or studied Fa.

Recently my workload suddenly increased a lot, keeping me very busy every day. One day, my supervisor at work told me, "For the past few years we were not this busy. I don't know why we are so busy this year."

Hearing his words, made me think that this must be the old forces' interference, causing me to be busy with ordinary work. As a practitioner, I know that the reason the old forces are able to cause interference is because practitioners have attachments. Therefore I looked into myself to find out where my problems were.

After some serious thinking, I realized my problem. I was not doing a good job at work. Being in the final stage of the Fa-rectification period, I thought I should take all available time to do Dafa work. Thus I neglected my work, thinking that I only needed to perform ordinary work to a normal standard. There were instances where I did not even care about my job performance, and a few of my peers observed that I did not pay enough attention to my work. The old forces caught my attitude and used it to interfere with me. After realizing the problem, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces as well as this work attitude I had.

Coming through this incident made me realize that the old forces are using the excuse of inspecting practitioners' qualifications as a means of interfering with the Fa-rectification. It does not matter whether your current situation is one of "ease or hardship." The old forces will still interfere by crazily taking advantage of all the attachments practitioners display. I'm sharing my experience with everyone here in the hope that it can be helpful, or even serve as a warning for you. As practitioners, we are to be good persons in society, so we should do a good job at work or in school, as the case may be.