(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Chinese state-run media has again exposed its hypocrisy with its distorted propaganda on the U.S.-led war on Iraq and its cover-up of the SARS outbreak in China. In order to divert people's attention, the old forces, disregarding the fact that the fraud of self-immolation has already been widely exposed, have once again trotted out the so-called self-immolation. They're bringing back Wang Jindong in an attempt to deceive people. Why is this happening? Some Dafa practitioners have discussed this issue.

Some practitioners believe that this shows that the evil has run out of tricks, and when more and more people get to know the truth, they can only grasp the remaining attachments of Dafa practitioners and play the same old trick again. Then what could be the common attachment among Dafa practitioners? Master said in "Towards Consummation,"

"Do you know that one of the biggest excuses the old evil forces use at present to persecute Dafa is that your fundamental attachments remain concealed? So in order to identify those people, the tribulations have been made more severe. If you're attached to Dafa's consistency with humans' science, they manipulate wicked human beings to spread lies that Dafa is 'superstitious'; if you're attached to Dafa's power to heal illness, they manipulate wicked human beings to spread lies that Dafa forbids people to take medicine. ... Whatever you're attached to, they have evil ones concoct lies about that. ... Had you truly been able to get rid of those fundamental human attachments in your cultivation, this last tribulation would not have been so vicious."

Some practitioners asked if it is because of our strong attachment to whether Wang is a practitioner or not that this has happened. Are we clarifying the truth simply for the sake of clarifying the truth or are we clarifying the truth with our hearts? How can we improve in our efforts to save people? As for the staged self-immolation, should we focus on how many Wang Jindong's there are, if that Wang Jindong is a Dafa practitioner, or should we tell people that the persecution itself should never have taken place and all that has happened was due to the persecution? It does not matter whether that Wang Jindong is a Dafa practitioner or not, he is also a victim of the persecution. Should we negate the persecution or should we negate a victim who was used as a tool?

Through looking inward during discussion, we have also seen attachments and unkindness we have brought with us from being everyday people in the past. For example, we divide people into categories, and treat them respectively with unkindness, treating the evil with evil and wrong with wrong, and using human notions to decide whether someone is a practitioner or not, whether someone is cultivating well or not, or whether someone is above or below me. In fact the current situation in Mainland China is extremely complex, where one may be a practitioner today, but might not be one the next day, then again come back to study the Fa later on. It is all one's own choice, and it is all measured by the Fa. It is very hard for any individual to draw a conclusion. Whenever our hearts have deviated from the Fa, and when we have low standards for ourselves and become attached to this or that, the evil would take advantage of us.

We need to study the Fa even better, look inward more and treat sentient beings with the compassion we have cultivated in Dafa. Let us grasp every opportunity to effectively clarify the truth on the basis of the Fa to save sentient beings.

These are some of our thoughts, and we hope that practitioners can point out anything inappropriate.