Xie Shiliang, a resident of Qianhuang Village of Wujin City, Jiangsu Province, has been illegally sentenced to 10 years in prison, and is now being held in the 3rd Prison of Suzhou City, in Jiangsu Province.

Mr. Xie is a fifty-nine year old resident of the Qianhuang Village, Wujin City. In 1995, he learned Falun Gong. Not long afterwards, Mr. Xie's illnesses such as heart disease, gastroptosis, and hepatomegaly were healed. From the health benefits he obtained through practicing Falun Dafa, Mr. Xie realized how precious and great Falun Dafa really is. He has been cultivating his heart according to the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and treats his patients with even more kindness. It was well known that he is a good person, and residents in his village and in the surrounding area often praised his medical skills and integrity. One time an elderly farmer paid his bill with a counterfeit bill of 50 Yuan. Apparently the farmer did not know it was fake money. Mr. Xie recognized the counterfeit bill, but thought it was difficult for the elderly man to make enough money, so he accepted the bill without saying a word, and tore up the counterfeit bill after the man left. Another example is how Mr. Xie reacted when a motorcycle hit his daughter. Mr. Xie not only was kind to the motorcyclist but also rejected any compensation money. He also donated 2,000 Yuan to repair the village roads to make it safer for everyone in the village. He frequently said that a cultivator needs to do things even better than a good person.

After July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime began the persecution of Falun Dafa, Mr. Xie never changed his belief or his actions, remaining steadfast toward Dafa and Teacher. On May 11, 2001, Liu Zekun, the Deputy Director of the Wujin Police Department, barged into Mr. Xie's residence and confiscated his home. Liu harshly beat Mr. Xie, choked him, slapped his face, and beat him viciously. He also beat Mrs. Xie. He then forced Mr. Xie into detention. During the 15-day illegal detention he was not allowed to sleep, and was forced to remain standing facing the wall at all times. The police also subjected him to other forms of torture.

On May 18, 2001, an article on Clearwisdom.net reported this incident and listed Liu Zekun as number 6378 on the "Evildoer's List" compiled by the FaWangHuiHui.org website. As a result, Liu received numerous phone calls from people overseas, asking him to stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners and to become a good person. Unfortunately, Liu refused to mend his ways and escalated his persecution of Mr. Xie. To avoid further harassment and persecution, Mr. Xie had to abandon his home. On April 27, 2002, after Mr. Xie had just returned home, a police officer suddenly barged into his house and arrested him again. He was tortured, both physically and mentally, for six months, but Mr. Xie steadfastly refused to give up his beliefs.

On November 29, 2002, the Wujin Court of Jiangsu Province held an illegal trial. Besides Mr. Xie, many Falun Dafa practitioners from Nanjing City were put on trial. There was no audience at the so-called "public trial" and the practitioners' family members were not allowed to attend.

These officials have lost their conscience and are using their power to persecute Dafa practitioners like Xie Shiliang, who cultivate their hearts by following the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion--Forbearance". The practitioners are being given long jail sentences.

The following list contains phone numbers of the police officers involved in this case:

Liu Zekun: (cell) 86-13915055688, (pager) 86-519-5305959-82004, (home) 86-519-9021180
Liu Guangjing: (cell) 86-13915060308
Changzhou Criminal Court: 86-519-5302627
Changzhou National Protection Unit: 86-519-5301963
Jiangsu Province People's Prosecutor's Office: 86-25-3702000