(Clearwisdom.net) Appealing for the rescue from China of American citizen Charles Li, Ms. Yeong-ching Foo (Charles Li's finacee) and practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area have held a round the clock appeal in front of the Chinese Consulate and a press conference condemning the Chinese regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Charles Li. The appeal activity has entered its fifth day. It began on April 7.

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After the appeal began, the warm spring weather in San Francisco changed and became cold, yet Dafa practitioners came to send forth righteous thoughts one after another. Some practitioners brought posters, some brought candles, and some brought snacks for those practitioners who did not have time to eat.

Many practitioners drove to the consulate from some distance away. Some practitioners slept only a few hours each day, coming to send righteous thoughts before and after work. Those who routinely come to consulate every day extended their stays for this appeal. Some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for a long time.

During the last few days, many passers-by came forward to ask about Charles Li's recent situation. Many felt indignant after knowing that Chinese regime did not allow Charles Li's fiancée, Ms. Yeong-ching Foo to talk to him over phone. Some passers-by came to tell us that they heard from news that Charles had already been "released", but after learning that it was Jiang regime's hoax, they were angry and said that Jiang's regime was shameless and evil.

A woman in her eighties walked up with her cane and said, "I'll help Mr. Charles Li all I can. I support you."

A gentleman who knew of Charles Li's arrest said, "The Chinese regime is crazy. Charles Li is good. The information blockade is unjust. Something like the spread of SARS and arrest of Charles Li should not happen again."

The practitioners were pleased that their appeal led more and more American people to learn the facts of Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

The practitioners also realized through exchanging experiences that suing Jiang is an important issue in Fa-rectification. During these days, the practitioners also sent righteous thoughts to clear interference in the other dimensions to the lawsuit and hope it go on smoothly.