For all people to see clearly the ugly behavior of Jiang Zemin's regime, I should clarify one point first: they should clearly know that Falun Gong practitioners are very kind and peaceful. Several events prove this: in late July 1999, police officers forcibly sent tens of thousands of Dafa practitioners who appealed in Beijing to the Fengtai stadium in suburban Beijing. During the one hour plus trip, more than 60 Dafa practitioners were escorted by only two unarmed policemen; The Fengtai Stadium detained hundreds of thousands of Dafa practitioners, but only dozens of police officers were on guard. On the train going back home from Beijing, there were about 100 Dafa practitioners who were escorted back by just one officer from the Local Liaison Office in Beijing. If Falun Gong practitioners are as Jiang Zemin's regime has claimed, would it be that easy?

Everyone in my family are Falun Gong practitioners; we gained huge benefits from the practice and we are healthy. My mother, who had serious asthma, was healed miraculously after she practiced Dafa. All the members in my family started Dafa practice one after another, and we enjoyed a happy and tranquil family life before the persecution.

But on July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime started the inhumane persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Since then, my happy family has been broken apart, with all of my family members suffering the pains of detainment. My wife is still detained in a forced labor camp. In order to expose the insanity of Jiang's regime, I will describe here the persecution my family has suffered during the past three years:

1. Beijing Is Overshadowed by Horrors

After July 20, 1999, my wife went to Beijing by herself. Later, several fellow practitioners and I also went to Beijing. As soon as we got off from the train, several Dafa practitioners were blocked by police officers and were taken away. Police cars and armed policemen were everywhere. Beijing was overshadowed by horrors. As we arrived at Tiananmen Square, police officers and plainclothes officers were everywhere; they interrogated passers-by at will. Many honest Dafa practitioners were taken away. As soon as we sat down on the ground, together with other fellow Dafa practitioners, several busloads of policemen arrived in a matter of seconds. A bigger bus followed, and we were forced into the bus. If you refused to board the bus, you would be punched by policemen or shocked with electric batons; or four policemen would lift you up and throw you into the bus using force. Even seniors were not spared. In the bus I was in, a young girl shouted "Falun Dafa is good." A police officer quickly choked her until her face turned black and blue. We were taken to the Fengtai Stadium and were detained for a whole day with no food or water. In the evening we were taken back home. Armed policemen waited for practitioners at each hometown railway station. When we arrived, we were sent directly to the detention center. Actually, they knew that Falun Gong practitioners are very kind and peaceful, but they bullied us.

In order to deceive people into serving the Jiang regime's evil intentions, they slandered, framed up, and defamed Falun Gong using the dirtiest tricks. They also instigated groups of people to fight with each other.

2. Four of My Family Members Were Arrested and Detained

After July 1999, my family suffered, along with millions of other Falun Gong practitioners' families, the pressures from Jiang Zemin's regime. Police officers could take us away for detainment at anytime. My wife's bonus was suspended frequently. In July, after my wife had just delivered a baby, she and the baby were detained at the County Kindergarten for over ten days. They suffered from mosquito bites, and from the harsh pressures of her employer.

At the end of November 2000, police officers suddenly searched the homes of all Dafa practitioners in the county. They found some Dafa materials and books in my home, and illegally detained my father, who is a veteran officer. They also took away my computer and printer. After my father was detained, my mother and my elder sister went to Beijing to appeal, but they were sent back to the detention center a few days later. My wife was detained at a very rough detention center, leaving me home alone with the newborn baby. When the spring festival approached, my father's colleagues begged for mercy on my father's behalf. Only then was my father released by the "610 Office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] just one day before the Chinese New Year's eve. One month after the New Year, my mother and my wife were freed.

3. My Mother Is Arrested Again Because of Her Kindness, My Wife Is Illegally Sentenced to a Forced Labor Camp Because She Clarified the Truth of Dafa to People

On the Chinese New Year's Day of 2002, at around 1 a.m. during the night, the county "610 Office" took my mother to the County Police Department. For three consecutive years, my family's New Year's reunion was ruined by them. She was detained because she and several fellow Dafa practitioners welcomed a Dafa practitioner home who had lost her ability to walk, due to the long term detainment, and the court and her family did not take care of her. My mother paid for the bus ticket. For such righteous actions, cold-hearted police officers arrest Dafa practitioners. Later, due to inquiries from my family, the police officers, who knew they were in the wrong, released my mother.

In March 2002, my wife heard that the local newspaper had published a fabricated article about her which stated that she had a tense situation with her family after she practiced Falun Gong, and that her parents begged her to stop the practice by kneeling down in front of her, etc. My wife was startled by the lies. She wrote a letter to the newspaper to clarify that her whole family benefited greatly after she practiced Falun Gong. The letter was transferred to the Deputy Director of the police department, who was in charge of the Falun Gong issue. The Deputy Director was enraged when he saw the letter. On the evening of March 26, 2002, he dispatched police officers to arrest my wife and search my home and family. The police took videos during the arrest and search. My mother was taken to the Police Department. At that time, our baby was just over one year old. On the second day, my mother was released, but my wife was still detained. Three months later, they secretly and illegally sentenced my wife to three years in a forced labor camp. She is still there.

The suffering of my family due to the persecution of Falun Gong is only one case out of millions in China. Many Falun Gong practitioners have lost their lives to protect their righteous beliefs.

I hold responsible the Jiang regime, which has violated the Chinese Constitution and basic human rights, and has rampantly framed and slandered Falun Gong practitioners using state terrorist tactics.

March 29, 2003