(Clearwisdom.net) On March 8, 2003, illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioner Mr.Yu Yongquan was tortured to near death in the Daqing City Prison and then sent to the prison hospital. When Yu's family members were informed about his situation and rushed to the hospital, Mr. Yu was already unconscious and near death. His wife held his head and felt that his skull was injured. The police used deceitful methods to have his wife sign a document they had prepared beforehand.

After Yu Yongquan died, Daqing City Prison asked if Yu's family members had any requests. When the family members suggested that they wanted a medical examiner to perform an autopsy, they threatened that if the family members got a medical examiner, Yu Yongquan's medical expenses would be charged to the family. It was more than 2,000 Yuan, or approximately 4 months of an average urban worker's salary in China, even though he'd stayed in the hospital for less than one day.

After Yu was kidnapped on May 11, 2002, his wife was coerced by her work unit to quit her job. She lost her source of income to support the family. However, in order to get justice for Yu who died under suspicious circumstances, his wife was willing to spend everything she had. She made utmost efforts to fight for her request to get clarity about his death, and finally, the City Prison reluctantly agreed for the family members to get a medical examiner, but they wanted to choose the examiner for the family. Yu's family members rejected the offer. Finally Yu's family members found a medical examiner and paid him 1,000 Yuan. At first, the City Prison agreed that the medical examiner could start the autopsy at 1:30 pm on March 11th. But when Yu's family members went there at the arranged time with the medical examiner, the prison officials did not allow them to do the autopsy, but only showed an X-ray picture they prepared beforehand to the medical examiner. Then, Mr. Yu Yongquan's body was cremated without an autopsy.

Before the cremation, Mr. Yu's son who went to school in another city came back to the city. The police informed the funeral parlor to stop him from seeing his father. However, the employees at the funeral parlor did not comply with the police's request. When the child offered his respects to the father, the personnel from Daqing City Prison insisted on being present for the whole time. A police officer from Daqing City Prison shed tears of sympathy when he saw Yu's son kneel down in front of his father and burn some paper money.

In handling the funeral affairs, the City Prison made many unreasonable demands, like not allowing family members to take any photos, forbidding Dafa practitioners to attend the funeral, etc. Furthermore, Yu's residential local police station, the police department, and Daqing City Prison sent large number of police officers to monitor the funeral for the entire time.

At present, the police from the Daqing City Prison have not restrained from their criminal deeds of persecuting Dafa practitioners. On the contrary, they started a new round of persecution. It is said that City Prison had been forcefully brainwashing practitioners. When practitioners would not give up the practice, they would deprive them of sleep for long periods of sleep.

Because the jail authorities strictly block information from inside the jail, the situation there is unclear. Moreover, after hearing of Yu's death, many family members of other practitioners went to the jail to visit. All of them were denied the right to see their family members. They are afraid that their evildoings will be exposed, and they are even more afraid that the Dafa practitioners inside the jail will find out about the death of Yu Yongquan.

Related telephone numbers:

Daqing City Prison's Warden: 86-459-5059910

Deputy warden: 86-459-5059122, 86-459-5050916, 86-459-5050616

March 22, 2003