I am a female Dafa practitioner. I obtained the Fa in 1996 and started to practice Falun Dafa in early 1997. From that time forward, I have experienced huge and wonderful changes to my body and to my mind. Once I was an ill and feeble person, but I became so healthy that I cleared away and got rid of all my medicine bottles. At the same time, I was growing in the realization that the purpose of our human life is an opportunity to go back to our true origins. With this, I became more open-minded. I developed a great optimism in the course of constantly improving myself to become a better person. It could be said that I was changing towards becoming a high-level being, one who could be called a true cultivator of Dafa.

In October 1999, some short months after the brutal suppression of Falun Gong on July 20, I went to Beijing to appeal to our government and my fellow citizens. But unexpectedly, before I could present my case in the legal manner as guaranteed by our constitution, the "law enforcement" officers arrested and detained me, and then transferred me to my hometown's police station! They imprisoned me there one night. Afterwards, they sent me to a detention center without following any proper procedure. For 23 days at the center, I was held in terrible conditions. There I was forbidden to practice the Falun Gong exercises.

Later a group of fellow practitioners and I were sent to the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, which is also the brainwashing base in Liaoning Province. I was unlawfully detained there for 7 months. The memory of my suffering is still fresh, as are the scenes of police persecuting practitioners. For example, one day after they saw us doing Falun Gong exercises in a group, more than 10 of us practitioners were punished by being forced to stand up, squat down, or hold a position with all four limbs against the wall for a long time in the passageway, and they forbade us to go to the restroom. Then the camp police called us one by one to the office. Behind the closed door, we were kicked and beaten, and then shocked with electric batons. These police officers kept the high voltage batons on the same spot to cause more pain. They put the baton inside of an older practitioner's mouth and increased the voltage so high that her mouth swelled up with blisters. She could not eat or drink for one and half a months. Some others were shocked on their faces and in their mouths, which resulted in swelling and abscess. The policemen still continued to repeatedly shock the open wounds. I suffered the same torture. Male practitioners were detained at the other end of the passageway. We could hear them cry out from time to time, as this form of torture was also given to them. A male practitioner was shocked until he had open sores and blisters all over his body, and a smell of burning skin filled the air. The policemen not only tortured our bodies, they also tried to destroy our minds. They exploited the bond between family members to try to break our spirits. By harassing our family members and causing them suffering, the policemen used them to exert pressure on us. In addition to tormenting and threatening our families, they attempted to break our spirits by forcing us to watch propaganda videos that slandered Dafa. In the time following this, we were set to work outside tilling land and weeding grass, given hard labor in all kinds of severe weather conditions from extreme heat, to fierce winds and heavy rains. After 7 months, our captors gave us a condition for release-- all detainees were demanded to pay 5000+ Yuan for room and board! (The average monthly salary for an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.)

I was released in the summer of 2000. In November 2000, more than ten police officers broke into my house and abducted me. I was then sentenced for two years of further "education through forced labor" without any legal procedures.

At the second forced labor camp, there were two big groups of Falun Gong practitioners in detention. I was sent to Group No. 2. At first I maintained my firm belief. But in this forced labor camp I was constantly surrounded and bombarded by lies from former Falun Dafa practitioners, who had been led astray and "reprogrammed". They were collaborating with the police to persecute firm Dafa practitioners. I let myself go in this environment, letting my guard down. I started to listen to them and did something that should not have been done by a genuine practitioner. I was deceived by their fake kindness, and without keeping a clear head, I followed my attachments.

In the camp, they would fill up all our time after hard labor by forcing us to watch slanderous videos. They bombarded us constantly with propaganda, intending to destroy our will to practice Dafa cultivation. A firm practitioner would then be "sandwiched" between two supervisors and watched. Practitioners were kept from talking or even from looking at other practitioners. There were no basic human rights. One practitioner who firmly continued to practice Falun Gong was beaten until one of her legs was broken by the police. She could only walk a little bit, so long as others were helping her. In the camp we suffered such physical and mental persecution.

After my release, my righteous mind awakened again under the care of other practitioners and the profound compassion of Teacher. I have come back to the Fa-rectification. I am trying to reduce the damage to Dafa caused by my mistakes. I want to wash away the bad things within myself, and I just want to do what a Fa-rectification practitioner should do.