(Clearwisdom Net) I don't know about others. My situation is like this: if I spend a great amount of time on Fa-study and practice, I can do a lot of Fa-rectification work and do it smoothly. My mind becomes firm, decisive, and powerful. I don't need much sleep. On the contrary, when there is too much work to do and I postpone Fa-study and practice, taking them as secondary, I feel weak and depressed, merely sitting there and letting time go by. I run into obstacles in the work and waste a lot of time. In other words, I am not very efficient. I have experienced this many times.

Another important issue is sending forth righteous thoughts and clearing one's own field. A practitioner working on a construction site said he felt great help when he thought about sending forth righteous thoughts every hour, even if he just repeated the Fa-rectification verse once an hour.

March 30, 2003