A Narrow Escape

In Hubei Province, there is an elderly female practitioner named Zhang. Her son-in-law (a non-practitioner) likes to hear Dafa truth stories and read Dafa truth materials. He also helped to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to other people. One day, when he went out with his four friends, they had a car accident. Three of his friends died on the spot and the forth one died on the way to the hospital. However, he only lost consciousness briefly and had no physical injuries. His skin was not even scratched. He knows that Dafa saved his life.

My Hairdresser Clarified Dafa Truth to Me

One day, I went to have my hair done. While I was at the hairdresser, many people came into the store, too. After I paid the bill, I found out that the lady who was the boss accidentally gave me 50 Yuan extra change. When I returned the money to her, she was very grateful and said, "You are a good person!" I replied loudly, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner and I can not take others' money."

Upon hearing what I said, the whole room quieted down. One of the hairdressers asked me cautiously, "Are you still practicing?" "Yes, I am." One of the girls also asked me hesitantly, "What was going on with that 'Self-immolation' show on the TV?" "Please, don't believe what's on the TV; the 'Self-immolation' was a fake story." I replied. The boss joined the conversation and said loudly, "Yes, everyone said so!"

Then I continued to clarify the truth, and the lady who was the boss also helped me to clarify the truth to everyone in the room. (She had learned some of the facts of the persecution previously.) Then I realized why all of a sudden so many people happened to come into store while I was there: they came to obtain the truth about Dafa.