In order to eliminate various interference from evil factors against Dafa in other dimensions, especially to cooperate with the smooth progress of the lawsuit against Jiang, nationwide Dafa disciples in Canada decided to send forth righteous thoughts in a group in front of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (1:00 -- 5:00 p.m. West Coast Time) last Saturday and Sunday.

The legal case to sue Jiang is what the evil is most afraid of. This incident has a very important role in Fa-rectification, and we cannot ignore the relentless interference of evil forces in this case. If all Dafa disciples become one body and send forth strong righteous thoughts, it will completely break through the interference of evil demons and rotten ghouls. Through group study and discussion, practitioners realized that this is an important joint-responsibility of all Dafa disciples worldwide, and we should attach full importance to this legal case amongst the many Fa-rectification tasks that we participate in, study the Fa well and have a correct understanding of the Fa. At the same time, sending forth righteous thoughts in a group near the Chinese Embassies Consulates and eliminating the evil factors in other dimensions at the places where the evil flourishes is also an effective way for us to support this important procedure of Fa-rectification.

When we decided to send forth righteous thoughts nationwide last weekend, the weather in eastern Canada suddenly changed: Toronto had ice, rain and snow storm and the weather was also bad in Ottawa and Montreal; however, this could not shake Dafa disciples' determination and original plan.