(Clearwisdom.net) In 2000, police authorities mobilized more than 100 officers to arrest Dafa disciples. Ms. Wang Yan was one of those arrested. The police tortured her for two days and one night. Her head was swollen; her face and neck had turned black from being shocked with electric batons. Her hands were also extremely swollen. Over a dozen policemen took turns beating and kicking her. Her entire body was covered with wounds. For two days and one night, the police enforcers didn't give her any liquids. Then they sent her to the Benxi City Forced Labor Camp for three years. She was expelled from the Party membership and her salary was suspended.

Wang Yan's daughter Zhu Yiqian, a middle school student, was also illegally detained after returning from appealing for Falun Dafa in Beijing. Police chief Wang Lixian ordered his subordinates to tie Zhu Yiqian, a child, to a long bench by her wrists. They shocked her face, eyes, and ears with electric batons, and did not allowed her to use the bathroom. Several policemen tortured her for an entire day, and she lost control of her bladder.

In addition, with my own eyes I saw police chief Wang Lixian shock the face of Dafa disciple Ms. Wen Lijuan with an electric baton. Her face suffered many blisters that took a long time to heal. Maliciously, Wang Lixian told her, "I will beat you if you keep practicing."

Just because he refused to stop Dafa cultivation, Dafa practitioner Chang Xianlu was tortured and forced to run in the hallway with shackles and handcuffs until he was exhausted. Xu Yanbo, Deputy Secretary of the Political and Law Committee in Henren County, and Wang Lixian, Police Department Chief, personally tortured Dafa disciples. These human beasts beat and shocked Dafa disciples and put them on the "Dead Person's Bed"* and used all kinds of other torture methods.

Xu Yanbo and Wang Lixian also unlawfully arrested Dafa disciples. According to preliminary statistics, they have sent more than 160 Dafa disciples to a forced labor camp. They also illegally searched the homes of Dafa disciples, monitored and followed Dafa disciples, and spread rumors and lies by using those collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture]. They also kidnapped and tricked numerous Dafa disciples to a brainwashing class operated by the forced labor camp. Wang Lixian and the chief of the criminal division personally tortured female Dafa disciples and caused them severe physical injury.

February 27, 2003

[*Note: The "Dead Person's Bed" or "Big Letter Board": This torture method is what I myself have witnessed. It is used to torture practitioners who are on a hunger strike to protest and who do not yield to any unreasonable demands. Practitioners who are on hunger strike are tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" so that their hands and feet can't move. Jail guards and prisoners force-feed them using the "feeding through the nose" method. Many practitioners have lost their lives from this torture.]