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(Clearwisdom.net) On March 1st, 2003, we went to Iowa City to collect signatures for the"Rescue Charles Li" campaign. Though the weather was cold, wet and even snowed a bit from time to time, we collected over 200 signatures in 4 hours. People stopped to read our bulletin board, display boards and carefully listened to our introduction of how Mr. Charles Li is being persecuted in China.

As a result of the activity, more and more people came to understand Falun Gong and expressed their anger and concern about Charles Li's experiences in China. People told us:

"Falun Gong is good for China."

"We are happy to see that Falun Gong is getting stronger."

"You are doing such a good deed in the cold weather. Your effort is valuable. Hold on!" "They (who persecuted Charles) are evil."

"I know the situation of Falun Gong being persecuted in China."

Some of them signed our petition as soon as they heard that it was about Falun Gong being persecuted in China. One handicapped senior gentleman sitting on the wheelchair signed his name and then pressed his hands together to greet to us. One young man signed his name and then said in relief, "I feel I have done a great thing." More people smiled to us and thanked us for helping to rescue Charles Li.

During the activity, we played the music that a Dafa practitioner composed for the rescue campaign. We witnessed the strength of righteous force seeing so many people stop to sign their names in the snowy weather.