When practitioners have different opinions, they easily lead to contradictions. From my point of view, that is because we don't put ourselves into the others' position and think about their view.

When you point out a practitioner's weakness, from which angle is your state of mind? Do you want the practitioner to accept your idea and do the same, or do you just kindly point out the weakness and let the practitioner improve for him or herself according to the Fa? If it's the former, it will be hard to achieve any good results. It may even worsen the situation.

When we overstress ourselves, even though we feel that our suggestion is correct and we are being responsible for fellow practitioners, it is often the case that we fail to look within ourselves and our hearts are moved by the conflicts. As a result, we can't coordinate well on the Dafa work, which is just what the evil wanted. Only when we really put ourselves in other practitioners' position, think about things from their point of view without the attachment to self and try to find faults of ourselves more, do we leave no loopholes for the old forces to take advantage of.

When others point out our weakness, we should check to see if every thought of ours meets the standard of different levels of the Fa. When fellow practitioners point out our weaknesses, it is usually to remind us to correct our mistakes. It is not that they have personal prejudice against us.

Perhaps the other practitioner only saw one point of the issue and didn't see the whole picture or unilaterally comprehend the issue. If this is the case we should still treat each other properly. We should always try to correct ourselves, to make everything perfect and indestructible and to improve as a whole.

This is to remind fellow practitioners that when we encounter conflicts, we should try to look at the problem from different angles and find out the essence of the issues, and not be confused by the superficial part.

This only my personal point of view. Please kindly correct my mistakes.