Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province is a place where Falun Dafa practitioners are being ruthlessly persecuted. I want to expose the evils that are happening there.

Zheng Hailin is the director of the No. 4 brigade. On the surface he seemed to keep other inmates from hitting and scolding Dafa practitioners. On the other hand, he tried to deceive and entice the true practitioners with the help of practitioners who have gone astray. When someone recognized his hypocritical words and actions, he immediately took off the friendly mask and instigated beatings of that person. For example, one time a Dafa practitioner, Han Dechun, attempted to break out of the labor camp, and failed. Zheng ordered that Han be viciously beaten. In fact, Zheng has instigated and ordered the persecution of most Dafa practitioners here.

Police officer Zhang Xin, of the No. 4 brigade, is the principal culprit in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. His shadow can be seen in all the evil deeds. The following is a record of persecution of Dafa practitioners by Zhang and other evil officers:

On March 19th, 2002, officers Zhang Xin, Guo Yiping, and Zhang Mincai savagely tortured Dafa practitioner Zhang Beiqi. He was transferred from the Yanji Forced Labor Camp, and is currently being detained in the No. 4 brigade, unit 2. He was severely beaten by officers at the Yanji Labor Camp. The beatings left him with an injury to his waist, which caused him to have trouble walking. In order to defend his basic human rights, Zhang Beiqi wrote down facts about the persecution he endured at Yanji Labor Camp and appealed to the court. After the officers in No. 4 brigade found out about this, they summoned Zhang Beiqi to the office. Zhang Xin and Guo Yiping each used an electric baton to hit Zhang Beiqi on the head and face. After a while, they ripped off his clothes and started shocking him with the electric batons. Zhang was in such pain that he was rolling over on the floor. The officers still thought it was not enough punishment so they handcuffed Zhang Beiqi's hands to the heating pipes. While officer Zhang Mincai held Zhang Beiqi still, Zhang Xin and Guo Yiping hysterically tortured him for over an hour.

On March 25th, because Dafa practitioner Li Ronxiue was unwilling to yield to the evil and give up practicing Falun Dafa, he was hit, kicked, and electrically shocked by officers Zhang Xin and Zhou Kaiming. The officers didn't stop until Li's face was deformed, and he was not able to get up off the ground. Li is from Lishu County, Jilin Province. He has now returned home.

On April 2nd Dafa practitioner Dong Xue was summoned to the office. He was asked to declare that he would no longer practice Falun Dafa. Dong refused their request. Officers Zhang Xin and Zhou Kaiming started beating Dong. They took off Dong's clothes and shocked him with electric batons. Blood from Dong's nose was all over the floor. Dong was covered with injuries after over an hour of beating and his face was deformed. Dong stated that he would appeal to the higher court after he gets out. Officer Zhou said that they were not afraid because all the officials would cover up for each other.

On April 5th, Wang Guofa, an official from Jilin province, was visiting and inspecting the Jiutai Labor Camp. Prior to the visit, the officers at Jiutai Labor Camp transferred Dafa practitioners who were injured or crippled to an unknown location. They then secluded other practitioners to a quiet corner. The officers were passing messages back and forth. After the official left, they transferred practitioners back to the labor camp. We must point out that those officials are very much aware of the persecution of Dafa practitioners. However, they would rather believe the false appearance at the labor camp, which is not only self-deceiving, but deceives others as well.

Falun Dafa practitioner Lin Xianchen was "transformed" through brainwashing. Later, he declared that all of his words and deeds that resulted from forced brainwashing were null and void. Officer Zhou Kaiming found out about this. On September 7, at a work site, Zhou violently beat Lin with a plastic tube that was over a meter long. Lin had wounds all over his body, including over thirty bloody marks. The next day, Zhou used the same vicious method to torture Cheng Peizhong, another Dafa practitioner. Lin is a resident of Jiutai city, Jilin province. He is currently being detained at the No. 4 brigade, unit 3. Cheng is from Helong county, Jilin province. He has returned home.

On April 11th, the No. 4 brigade ordered another round of torment and punishment for those Dafa practitioners who were most determined in Falun Dafa beliefs. Everyday they were forced to sit on a stool for over 14 hours, with only two minutes for a restroom break. [Sitting on the cold stool is a torture method. Practitioners are forced to sit on a small iron stool that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall with their knees tied together. With their hands tied behind their backs or sometimes placed on their knees, they are forced to sit straight up and look straight ahead. They are not allowed to turn their heads, close their eyes, talk to anyone or move at all. Several inmates are assigned to watch over the practitioners and force themáto remain motionless while sitting on the stool. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioners' lower legs or ankles to make it harder for them to tolerate this abuse.] Anything that does not conform to their wishes results in a beating. There were two resident guards, Yang Zhanchun (from Sanchahe) and Zhang Baozhu (from Songyuan). Another person, who was in charge of practitioners' sleep deprivation, was Zhang Huaju (from Yushu). The two so-called resident-guards would find several practitioners for forced brainwashing every night. If anyone refused, they were taken to the washroom and beaten. Some practitioners aren't allowed to change the clothes they have been wearing for almost three months. They are not allowed any visits from family or friends. Besides increasing prison terms by five to ten days every month, sometimes when someone's prison term comes to an end, another three months is added, sometimes even 6 months are added. Practitioner Li Youcun from Wangqin County had his prison term increased by 11 months. Practitioner Zhang Beiqi had his term increase by over 12 months.

On October 20th, Falun Dafa practitioners Li Qiang and Liu Qin conversed one word with each other at a work site. Officer Guo Yiping overheard it and beat both Li and Liu on the spot. After work, Liu Qin was summoned to the office and Guo again beat him again. Liu's face was swollen and he had severe injuries to the brain and abdominal area. He couldn't get out of bed for several days. Li Qiang is from Jiaohe, Jilin province. Liu Qin is from Sanchahe, Jilin province. Both men are detained at No. 4 brigade, unit 3.

Officer Zhou Kaiming, from No. 4 brigade, frequently extorts money and materials from inmates. He questions everyone who is assigned to the No. 4 brigade. Based on the individual's financial situation, he decides how much money to extort. If the person satisfies his request, then that person won't need to work, but still gets a lot of work points every month. If one cannot meet Zhou's requirement, then he has to work, but still gets zero to negative work points every month. On November 18, 2002, Dafa practitioner Li Qiang was very ill. He hadn't eaten or drank anything for 9 days, and his life was hanging on by a thread. Around dusk, it was decided that Li would be sent to the hospital for treatment. Officer Zhou used the excuse that the labor camp did not have cash and asked Li Qiang to pay for his own medical cost, or else he would not be treated. Because Li had not been allowed any visitors for a long time, he did not have any money. Office Zhou ordered the resident-guards to ask other Dafa practitioners for money. The "money tickets" used inside the labor camp cannot be used anywhere else. It was obvious Zhou wanted the money for himself. Everyone saw his greed and refused to cooperate. At the critical moment, a clerk from the administrators department, Peng Yong, arrived. He saw that Li Qiang was in critical condition, and immediately went out to prepare for transportation to the hospital. At the same time, Officer Zhou Kaiming again ordered the resident-guards to ask for money from other Dafa practitioners. Zhou himself never stepped into the room to take a look at Li Qiang.

The following is an account from Dafa practitioner Qiao Jianguo of his own experience and what he has witnessed at Yinmahe Labor Camp. Qiao is from Zhucheng City, Shandong province. He is currently being detained at Yinmahe Labor Camp No. 4 brigade, unit 2.

"On April 5th 2002, I was led to a small room on the second floor. Inside the room, there was only one bed, 5 or 6 electric batons and some electrical needles. The room has a chilling affect on people. I saw a person on the bed. His four limbs were stretched out and tied to the corners of the bed. There was nothing on the bed but a wooden board under his neck. It looked as if he had been tied up for a long time. They used electric batons to shock him.

After I was taken inside, I was beaten several times. I was told that they had a special way to punish me. Several officers came and ripped off my clothes and pinned me to the ground. My feet and arms were pressed to the floor. Someone held my head down as well. My mouth was stuffed with a cleaning rag. They made four cuts on the opening of a rigid plastic tube to give it a very sharp and jagged edge, and pressed it against me, twisting as they applied pressure, boring it into my flesh under the armpits and on my thighs. The pain from this unthinkable torture made me scream uncontrollably. After ten minutes, the officer was sweating from the effort required to twist and bore the crude object into my flesh, so another officer replaced him. Afterwards, the person who had held my head said that my eyes were rolling backwards. They thought I was dead.

Then they used the same torture method on the person on the bed. That person is Huang Yaodong, from the No. 1 brigade of the labor camp. He had received this treatment twice before. There were four bloody holes on his body. The ones under his armpits were about the size of a fist. His wounds were under treatment for several months. The hospital wanted to admit him, but the labor camp took him back and claimed that there was no money for his treatment. He is very determined not to yield to the evil. Another practitioner, Wu Dexiu, was also subjected to the torture, and he is also very determined. Another person was not only "drilled," but his eyes were smeared with toothpaste (which burns painfully), and even his tongue was injured. He has suffered tremendously. These practitioners were all from the No. 1 brigade, and I met them at the clinic. My wounds from the "drilling" were infected and formed a scar. They finally healed after more than a month."

Due to the fact that information is blocked by the evil, what we have exposed here is only the "tip of the iceberg."