Written on February 22, 2003


I learned yesterday (February 21) that some practitioners who had planned to attend the Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference hosted by the Hong Kong Falun Buddha Fa Association were denied entry into Hong Kong. Today we encountered the same problem.

When it was my turn to go through customs in Hong Kong, the policeman looked at the computer screen for quite a long time. After a while, another policeman came over saying that they needed to ask me some questions for security reasons. I was then taken to a small room where some fellow practitioners were already being held. One after another, more practitioners were brought in. At one time there were over 20 practitioners in the room.

While they were questioning us, some of us clarified the truth to them, some sent forth righteous thoughts, and some presented them with Dafa truth-clarification materials. We hoped that they would become aware of the consequences of their actions. A policewoman surnamed Liu came in, and she was immediately recognized by some practitioners who were repatriated to Taiwan by her when they came to Hong Kong last July. They asked her, "Last time you told us that because Jiang was coming we were not allowed to enter Hong Kong. You welcomed us to come visit again. However, this time, we were denied entry again without any reason." She was rendered speechless and asked us to talk to her colleagues.

Later on, we started to recite the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. The police who stood there watching us could not take the Dafa materials, so we showed the materials to them. Some of them did not have good health and wished to also learn Dafa. One policeman even came to me asking for some Dafa materials.

Many practitioners held in a bigger room next door were sent back to Taiwan. We insisted on not leaving the small room. Practitioners from other places also refused to come into the small room. Then more policemen came in and they started to use force. I was carried out, with one of the policemen pulling my thumb until I was pushed onto the plane. Some of our practitioners were tied up and wrapped in a canvas bag and carried onto the plane. After we were on the plane, we clarified the truth to the flight attendants and passengers.

After I was sent back to Taiwan, I called my wife who had been allowed to enter Hong Kong. She told me that while I was detained, she, along with our two kids, requested that the customs officials release me. My children kept crying and they wanted to see their dad. Later, my eight-year-old boy said someone gave him a flyer promoting tourism in Hong Kong. It said, "A Trip of Freedom to Hong Kong." But I want to let everybody know that there is no more freedom in Hong Kong.